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How to Turn on the Unseen Facebook Feature for the Messages?


Surely, the read receipts, the tiny confirmation that lets you know your friends on Facebook Messenger have read and seen your messages tend to be a good thing for everyone as it keeps you notified and provides a great sense of calm. Except it’s not entirely a good thing for most of them.

The same becomes a great source of anxiety and tension especially when you know that someone has seen your message on Facebook Messenger but still haven’t replied you. That would be one hell of a frustrating situation for you, isn’t it?

Now let’s take it other way round. There might be numerous reasons why you wouldn’t want someone to know that you’ve read their messages.

Unfortunately, Facebook has not yet launched an official unseen Facebook feature that allows you to turn off the read receipts in Facebook Messenger just like you can in WhatsApp or iMessage. However, there are some workarounds available that can let you turn on the unseen Facebook feature i.e. to hide the seen feature and not allowing your friends know that you’ve read and seen their messages.

Here’s how you can turn on the unseen Facebook feature with the help of a few cool tricks:

Read Messages Via Notifications

If you’ve turned on notifications for the Facebook Messenger on your mobile device, then you will receive them on your screen when your phone is unlocked. However, you can also turn on notifications alert while your phone is locked.

When somebody sends you a message on Facebook Messenger, the message appears in the form of a notification on your mobile screen. If you do not want that person to know that you’ve read their message then it’s better not to tap the message because the moment you open the message, it will change the read receipt from a blue check mark (delivered) to your Facebook profile photo (read). Only by preventing yourself from tapping the message, you can be saved from letting your friends know that you’ve read their messages. There’s only one downside to it. When you receive the message notification, you can only read half of the message especially if it has a greater character limit. It would do if the message is short. But if its longer, then you might have to open the app to read the whole message.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Turning on Airplane mode trick really helps. With this method, you can prevent your messages from getting ‘seen’ by your friends on Facebook messenger as it turns off all the Wi-Fi and cellular notifications after you’ve received messages from them. Simply turn on the airplane mode, open Facebook Messenger and then read all the newly received messages. After reading them quit the app. Quitting app is different from closing the app. You need to launch the multitasker and boot it before you switch off the airplane mode and go back to the general mode. Remember, if you do not quit the app properly, the next time you open the Messenger app, it will reconnect to Facebook’s servers and sync all your offline activity. As a result, your friends will know that you’ve read their messages.

Install a Chrome Extension

While preventing your friends from seeing your read receipts might be a bit easier on a mobile device, the same cannot be said for the desktop. Basically, your success may vary depending on which Chrome extension you use for this purpose. For instance, we did try “Facebook Chat Privacy” which claims to block the “seen” and “typing” receipts, but it only disabled the latter. It failed to block the “seen” receipt.

There’s also another Chrome extension known as “Unseen” that worked really well as it successfully blocked the “seen” and “typing” receipts only with the exception of the “delivery” receipts.

No doubt a bunch of Chrome extensions are available claiming to block the read receipts. The best way to find out whether they work or not is to try them for yourself. It’s quite possible the extensions that worked for us may not work for you.