Ocean Pollution

Upcoming Projects to Get Rid of Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution has become a huge problem, especially nowadays that people have started to visit the beaches on regular basis. People don’t really care about the water and think of it as their dumping ground so you witness a lot of trash being thrown into the water. The people in charge of cleaning can only do so much because it is nearly impossible to get every single piece out. Most of it just floats far into the ocean and it looks ugly. It not only ruins the climate around the water, but within the water as well. The life within the water gets affected by it as well. This polluting of the ocean has been going on for a while, and life around it is in danger. Governments do take notice but haven’t done anything to counter this issue. Realizing that the governments aren’t going to do anything, some people took it upon themselves to clean up this mess, and they are coming up with new and unique ideas to make it happen.  Some of these ideas have been shared below, and if they pique your interest, then you should try to contribute to the cleaning of the ocean as well.


A couple of Australian surfers went out in the ocean on regular basis and soon they realized that people are throwing a lot of trash into the water and nothing is being done about it. So, they both decided to quit their jobs and have taken it upon themselves to clean up the water as much as they can. They came up with the idea of Seabin, which is basically an electric garbage can for water. This is put on edges of the ocean, and as soon as the water passes through, it sucks up all the trash and pushes the clean water back into the ocean.

This process has been quite effective and most of the trash that was seen around the beaches has now been cleaned up automatically. The Seabin itself is made of recycled materials so making it doesn’t even cost anything. It is cheap, effective, and most importantly, it allows the water to stay clean for everyone. This is currently a prototype but the inventors of this product are trying to gain more capital in order to produce more Seabins. If the project receives enough money, then this prototype will be produced at a larger scale and can be put around the beaches all over the world. This will a huge change, and will help preserve the life in and outside the water.


Another great invention to stop the wide spread of trash in water is the Trash-Wheel.  Trash-Wheel is basically a boat like structure that functions automatically. It runs through the water and collects and stores trash within. The trash is collected through a slope that’s located on the front of it, and it is then transferred back into the storage. Once the storage is full, the Trash-Wheel is taken back to the shore, and all the trash is collected so that it can be disposed off in the right manner. This new invention is another huge stride towards keeping the water around the globe clean, but this task is easier said than done. People don’t really care about nature around them and keep polluting the ocean. Some measures need to be taken by the governments all around the globe to stop this widespread of ocean pollution. Aquatic animals have the right to clean water and that is not going to happen if governments don’t intervene.

Due to increase in beach visits, the amount of trash has also been increased, and a lot of work needs to be done before we can rest easy. People behind this project are eager to enhance their production, but at this stage, they are operating on a small scale, as the team is looking for more funds. If you feel that this product can help improve the overall environment of the ocean, then do make a donation on Trash-Wheel’s official website. You don’t necessarily have to send the big bucks, every single penny is a huge deal for startups like these, and when you know that they are working for a good cause, it really doesn’t hurt to give out some of your earnings.

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup has been getting a lot of attention and is easily one of the most successful ventures. 30$ Million has already been raised to bring this idea to life and the reason people are happily paying for it is because of the solution it is providing. The idea is basic but its execution is the tricky part. It basically puts a giant floating pipe in the areas with most garbage and everything then floats towards it. Instead of finding the trash all over the place, this method makes things a whole lot easier. With almost all the trash being transferred to the pipe, it is easier to collect it, and that’s exactly what happens. In testing phase, it has been noticed that most of the plastic thrown into the ocean floated towards the pipe, and from thereon, it was picked by a boat, which transferred it back to the land for safe recycling.

As mentioned above, this project has been successfully funded, but hasn’t been implemented on a large scale. Fortunately, the launch of The Ocean Cleanup isn’t far away as it is scheduled to launch in 2018. The creators are confident that this will be a great step towards getting rid of garbage from the ocean, and from the way things are going, it very well may be. Being the first huge initiative in cleaning the water, there’s a lot of pressure on the creators as they have to make sure that their idea works. Furthermore, it has $30 million of investment and a large marketing behind. People know what this project is and how it is going to help the environment. The expectations are unusually high and with the way, this project has been presented to the public, it has a chance to live up to them.

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