US Army Shuts Down the Big Dog Project because of Noise Concerns

US Army Pulls the Plug on the Big Dog Robot Project Due to Noise Concerns

The big dog seemed to be doing more harm than good, which is why the US Army has dropped the project.

The Legged Squad Support System, also known as the big dog, is a robot that was brought to life to help the US Army carry their stuff without any real problem. However, when this robot was put to a test, it was learned that it makes too much noise, which of course is a huge problem on the battlefield.

After noticing the noise that it creates, the US Army has decided to cancel this project because they believe that it will do more harm than good. Although noise was the main reason behind cancellation of this project, it was also revealed that the big dog was not easy to repair, especially in the middle of the battle.

The big dog was developed by Boston Dynamics, which is a robotics firm that was acquired by Google in 2013. They then partnered up with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to work on different robotics that would help the US Army and the big dog was on top of the list.

There was a lot of excitement regarding this project and people were looking forward to seeing how it will help the army as support, but sadly that’s not going to be happening now.


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