Using Crop Tool | CS5 Photoshop Tutorial For Beginners

This is our First Photoshop CS 5 tutorials and so I thought about Starting over tutorial section with the simplest Photoshop CS5 tips and tuts. In this post I will put up a small talk on Using Crop Tool in Photoshop CS5 to re-size your image or photo’s. This article is mainly for the newbies to Photoshop CS5, a tutorial on different ways to use the crop tool in CS5 Photoshop.

scale the selection , learn how to crop image in photoshop cs5

The current software we are dealing with here is Adobe Photoshop CS5. Versions above CS2 have similar or same features. If you are using a version below CS2 then I suggest you track another tutorial down.

Quick Guide To Cropping in CS5 Photoshop (Method 1)

1. Shortcut key for crop tool – “c

2. Double Clicking within crop selection confirms crop.

3. Selecting the move tool after fixing crop also confirms crop.


Crop An Image – UsingPhotoshop CS5 ( Method 2 )

  • Finding The Crop Tool in Your Photoshop CS 5

Using the crop Tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5

I have told you the Quick way to get the cropping Done in Photoshop CS5 in the previous step. The primary tool of course is the “Crop Tool”, If you are using the basic Photoshop workspace then you will be able to see a tool box on the left side of the page which consists of some random Photoshop tools. If that is the case then crop tool is the tool which comes 5th downwards from top. To access the crop tool just click on its icon or press the shortcut key “C”. Pressing “C” twice however changes the crop tool to slice tool and pressing it a third time changes it again to slice select tool. Since these three tools come under the same category they are all assigned the same shortcut key “C”.

  • Selecting The Area To Be Cropped

Using the crop tool - Adobe photyoshop CS5 tutorial

Now after selecting the crop tool all you have to do is click and drag around the area you want to have in the image. After you do that you will be able to see the area you want highlighted and the rest of the image overlaid by a grey color. This is helpful since it shows us how the final image would look like. From this point we can still make changes by dragging the rectangle or square transform like box to the sides. After you have made up your mind on the cropping section just double click inside the cropped area to make changes take place or just click on the move tool (the first tool in the list) and click on crop.

Crop An Image using Marque Tools (Method 3)

Yet another way of cropping an image is using the rectangular marquee tool and elliptical marquee tool. If you have dragged an image into the Photoshop work area then you might have to rasterize the image before you can do this. For rasterizing a layer right click on it and select “Rasterize layer”.

Use Rectangular Marque Tool

Now that you have done that select the Rectangular or elliptical marquee tool and, click and drag to select the area you wish to have in your image. After you have fixed your mind on the select right click on the selection and choose “Select Inverse”.

Select Inverse the Selection by Rectangular marque tool

This selects the inverse area of what you had selected. Now the area which you wanted to crop out is selected. Just press Delete to erase or delete the unwanted parts leaving you with your cropped image.

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