Microsoft to release version 1 of HoloLens for developers next year

V1 of Microsoft HoloLens to become Available to Developers in 2016

There may still be many years before the consumer version of augmented reality glasses become available.

The countdown has finally begun after Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella revealed in a video interview to BBC that the company will be releasing the first version of its HoloLens headset for “developers” within the next year, with business enterprises second in line to receive the product.

This is the first time Microsoft has shared a tentative release window for the virtual reality gadget.

“This is a five year journey, but we are looking forward to getting everyone out, which is more about developers and enterprises”, the Microsoft CEO stated.

The statement clearly indicates that HoloLens will first arrive for developers and enterprises before eventually landing in the consumer market.

The developer version of the highly-anticipated augmented reality headset will help the company to get feedback on the product so that changes can be made accordingly before releasing it commercially. Microsoft will also need apps and other content for HoloLens, which is another major reason for it to be making the product available to developers first.

HoloLens was first revealed under the codename of “Project Baraboo” in January 2015, after which it created a lot of buzz in the market. The gadget will allow its users to work in their natural interface without using keyboards, mouse and other such devices as these headsets will receive commands through gaze, voice and hand movements.


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