VDownloader review – Downloading Video from YouTube

Video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Google Video give us access to millions of fantastic videos, including movies, documentaries, funny clips and music videos. But wouldn’t it great if you could download those videos to keep and watch on your computer, tablet or mobile phone whenever and wherever you like? The makers of VDownloader have found a way to achieve this, and once you install their programme you will never look back.


VDownloader has many advantages over other video and audio downloading services. The most immediate benefit is that the programme is totally free to download, install and use. You will never be charged for any files you download using VDownloader. The software has also been scanned thoroughly for viruses and spyware, so you can download it in confidence that your computer will be safe.

Not only can you download video files using VDownloader, but perhaps the most useful of all its functions is the ability to download the audio from an online video and convert it into an MP3. An MP3 file is playable on your iPod, iTunes or any other music player. This means you can download the audio from your favourite music videos, live performances or comedy sketches to keep forever and enjoy at any time.

VDownloader has been designed to be easy for anyone to understand, whether you’re a computer expert or more of a beginner when it comes to technology. It has a simple, user-friendly interface which needs little explanation. Simply copy and paste the URL of your chosen video into the Video URL box, choose which type of file you would like to create from the Output Format list and click Download. Your file will be saved onto your computer within minutes, and there is no limit on how many files you can download.

One of VDownloader’s major strengths above its rivals is the fact that it gives you access to videos from a huge range of different websites and even social network sites such as Facebook. If your friend posts a video and you’d like your own copy, simply past the video link into VDownloader and it will arrive on your hard drive shortly. The search function on VDownloader is also very helpful if you’re looking for a rare video, as it simultaneously searches all the major video sites, saving you the time it would take to manually go to every site.

For the more advanced user, there is a huge selection of exciting features you can use to make the most of VDownloader’s capabilities. If you’re low on disk space on your computer, you can choose smaller file sizes when you export video and audio files, by adjusting the resolution or frame rate. You can also schedule downloads in advance to fit in with your lifestyle or bandwidth restrictions, and you can convert multiple files at once.

With its fantastic array of features, VDownloader is not just the typical video download programme. It’s the easiest and quickest way to have unlimited access to all the video and audio content you could ever want.

Convinced? Download VDownloader for free from their official website.

VDownloader is a product by Vitzo

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