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The Best Video Editing Software to Look Out For in 2018

You make videos to create a backup of the memories so you can always hold on to them. Videos help us in creating memories that can last forever. Making videos is one step and editing them and then sharing them with the rest of the world is just another story. When you’re about to edit a certain video, a video editing software comes to your mind. Whether you’re an amateur, have zero knowledge and experience with video editing or a professional video editor, you would want to make your videos even more interesting simply by editing them in a right way. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re capturing the best and the worst moments of your life with the help of a smartphone, DSLR, or a handy cam. When you’re editing the video, you get to highlight and share your footage with the world.

Best Video Editing Software

When it comes to choosing the best video editing software for your needs, you must decide the type of editing you want to achieve with that editing software. Which editor is best for your needs is determined by your use purpose, the type of electronic device you own (a PC, laptop, or a mobile device) and then last but not the least, your financial budget. Keeping those choices in mind, you need to select the video editing software.

There are numerous options for video editing software in the market but you have to be wise enough to select the best one. Choosing an incompetent video editing software would do you nothing good and you would end up wasting a huge chunk of your precious time.

Ranging from free versions to online video editing tools to feature-packed premium versions to prosumer versions offering advanced feature sets for high prices, you can select one that suits your needs. The decision for selecting a video editing software depends on the reasons why you are getting yourself one – whether you want to make home videos, to create professional videos, to create VR experiences, to become YouTubers or something else.

Best Video Editors

Let’s take a look at some of the best video editing software options we have right now.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 is our top-rated premium version of the best video editing software. This software works best for people who only want to make home movies so they can share with their family and friends but have no prior video editing experience. It offers basic video editing features that you would find in another paid video editing software and may work well for some experienced editors as well. However, if you’re looking to become a YouTube star, then you have to look for another more robust video editing software.

Nero Video 2017

Nero Video 2017

Nero Video is the most budget-friendly video editing software we could have recommended. Costing only $50, it includes most of the same features every video editing software offers such as Ultra HD 4K support and intelligent curation features for your media library. This software will definitely please a lot of users because it can easily switch between a basic and advanced editing mode and also comes with H.265 format support for mobile devices. It can easily burn the physical media but doesn’t offer good social exporting options. Nevertheless, if you’re still looking for a budget-friendly video editing software, we would ask you to give it a shot.

AVS Video Editor 8.0

AVS Video Editor 8.0

AVS Video Editor is the easiest video editing software out there on the market. It offers a simple and straightforward interface that works like a wizard, guiding you from step to step. Not only the interface is user-friendly, the features and controls are all standard and basic. If you have used another video editing software then using AVS wouldn’t be a problem for you. In case you haven’t, AVS offers a robust library of video guides and tutorials that help you learn how to use this video editor. It does support an impressive range of formats for video files, however, only one video track is supported by it. The only downside to AVS is that it lacks most of the trendy and innovative features usually found in other video editors.

Video Editing Software for Windows

There are not many free video editing software for Windows available in the market. You might face difficulty in finding the free of charge video editing software that can help you with editing the videos. Thankfully, we got around some of them that might be helpful for you and work really well for Windows. For instance, Windows Movie Maker, VirtualDub, and Wax are free video editing software for Windows. The most convenient of them all is Windows Movie Maker as it helps users move the video clips by simply drag and drop method. However, if you’re looking to edit professional videos then you must look at the other two options.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate

If you’re still not satisfied with the results of the above-mentioned video editing software for Windows then you can consider using Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate, which is only meant for the Windows users. It’s affordable and also comes across as a powerful video editing software. This software offers video tutorials that can be helpful for the amateur video editors. Its end-to-end 360-degree video editing gives you an unmatched control over every detail in the video. This software is also suitable for directors as it offers numerous modes such as the Extreme Toolkit for sports footage, wedding, and traveling packs. All in all, it is a great video editing software for Windows that must not be missed.

Video Editing Online

Websites offering online video editing capabilities may not be as feature-rich as the editing software you install on your computer but they do make it possible for you to perform simple editing right on the webpage. Most of these websites require you to upload the video clips to their website, perform the editing tasks, and then download the edited video in the desired format. You can also convert the video to a certain format by using a free online video converting tool. With the shutting down of YouTube’s video editor and Stupeflix Studio, most of the users are now turning to other online video editing websites. Some of the best ones out there include Video Toolbox, Movie Maker Online, Clipchamp, WeVideo, etc.

Professional Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

When it comes to professional video editing, it means we are talking about some serious business here. For professional video editing, we would only recommend Adobe Premiere Pro as it produces a video for any kind of professional production including film, television, and the web series. Footage can be imported and exported from competitive software such as Final Cut Pro. Moreover, 360-degree virtual reality video and 8K footage can be handled really well with the horsepower that this video editing software offers. The fact that it is integrated with Adobe’s After Effects and Photoshop, it gives professional editors one more reason to choose Premiere Pro for all their professional editing tasks.

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