Video Game Developer Files a Lawsuit Against Steam Reviewers

Video game developer Digital Homicide has done something quite astonishing. It has filed a lawsuit against the people that left bad reviews for their games on Steam.

The worst part is that court has agreed to a hearing, which means that Valve will have to give up personal information of the people that are accused of posting bad reviews.

Digital Homicide has taken a step in the wrong direction here, but it’s not their first time. Previously, they came down hard on video game reviewer Jim Sterling by filing a lawsuit against him as well. That case hasn’t settled even after two years and likelihood of this new case being settled is even lesser.

The developers must know that there is absolutely no way for them to win this case, then why they are going out of their way to bring some internet users to justice. We think it’s a publicity stunt to get people’s attention, but it’s a very bad one and it will only hurt them in the long run.

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