First Class Shoe

Virgin America’s First Class Shoe can Connect to Wi-Fi

Virgin America has created new pair of shoes which come with Wi-Fi and working video display. The company has named them First Class Shoe and as you can see from the picture above they look pretty first class.

Wi-Fi has become a need for everyone these days and anything that can help connect to it has potential to become the next big thing. This is what Virgin America is hoping their First Class Shoe will become, but they are not entirely depending on Wi-Fi. They are also offering built-in phone charging port, 3-hour battery life, working video display, and a seatbelt buckle.

At the moment, the company is not looking to sell them. Instead they are auctioning them and all the money gained that they will get from sales will go to a non-profit organization called Soles4Souls, which provides shoes to people who can’t afford them.

All of it is done for good cause, so if you have slightest interest in them, then we suggest you do buy it.

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