Vodafone launches first Facebook phone in India: 555 BLUE


Increasing facebook population gives rise to more social networking based phones. Yesterday Vodafone, famous tele-communication company released its first Facebook phone in India, Vodafone 555 Blue. The company describes it by a tagline -” world’s first prepay phone with Facebosok built-in.” All facebook features, are integrated into 555 Blue.  It was expected that the phone would be out by mid-august. Anyway releasing of Blue in India, is a good news for all social networking addicts, who are customers of Vodafone.

The phone comes with a dedicated facebook button which makes social networking much faster and easier. The dedicated facebook button enables you to upload your photos, browse other profiles faster. You can easily update your status through the “Newsfeed” box in the top. This one is bit similar to HTC’s facebook phones. The remarkable drawback is that the phone is not 3G enabled. This phone refreshes the newsfeed after a resettable time interval, and thus letting you to see new notifications easier without needing to reload the page everytime, to check for new notifications. Vodafone offers free,  unlimited facebook usage on this phone for one year from the date of purchase.

Being light weight and 12mm thick, it fits easily into teenage pockets. Its a good news for teens who want the features of social networking, without bothering about the monthly bills. Uploading photos is made possible through a 2MP camera. The phone includes a QWERTY keyboard and also a series of five soft keys to make navigation easier. Check this Video out to more on its features:

Lets take a look at the phone’s most important features :

  • Seamless facebook integration : Lets you browse friends’ profiles, update your status, comment on other people’s wall and much more. You can set a function to “F” button in the phone for a faster access to essential tasks.
  • Integrated music options : Music accessible on the go. The phone has a music player with 3.5mm jack and integrated FM radio.
  • Photo sharing made simple : You can upload the captured image with a single click.
  • Contact syncing : Contacting syncing shows facebook profile picture of the contact when they call. Also you can add them, as friends away within your phone.

In totality Vodafone blue is an average phone with normal features, but its a good option for those who are facebook addicts. There’s nothing to boast about this phone, though its a cool introduction by Vodafone.

Price : 4950 INR

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