VPN Evolution into Protecting Privacy and Security

For a very long time, VPNs were considered tools for unblocking content on the web. They had extremely limited utility and not a lot of people even bothered to find out what they could actually accomplish with these tools. They would just download any VPN they would come across, use it for unblocking certain content, and then delete it. This remained a standard for VPNs for a very long time.

Due to their limited usage, not a lot of developers worked on them, as they thought people would just ignore them. However, with time, security and privacy problems arose. People were made aware that their online activity is monitored by multiple entities. This obviously didn’t go down well with the populace and they started to look for ways to avoid being seen, and that is where VPN evolution happened.

From just being a tool for accessing blocked content on the web, they became a necessity for people who craved online privacy and security. In the beginning, they weren’t very efficient at it, as they only had a few security protocols and only a few servers to work with. However, as more people started to make use of these solutions, they became a huge deal. Since then, they have taken multiple strides towards improving their offerings, and now we have some of the best VPNs to work with.


As stated above, beginning was rocky for VPNs as they only had a few security layers to work with. However, things have changed now as almost every VPN is offering multiple layers of security to the users. One of the VPNs called VyprVPN even went out of its way to offer first party servers. This means that they are not liable to anyone for anything.

They have everything in their own controls, and for this very reason, they are regarded as one of the most secure VPN. Although third party servers are quite reliable, but they are third-party and the company that’s using them might have to cave into their demands. However, first party servers change the whole scenario – there’s no reliance on anything. Everything is under their own control, which makes them an incredible tool for the people who crave security.

This is just one example though, other VPNs may not have the first party servers, but they are making up for it by providing multiple security layers, which protect you from all kinds of threats. Malware and spyware have become a huge problem nowadays as crackers are always trying to get into a system to get their hands on personal information.

However, with VPN’s security layers, you are quite safe. Before attacking your device, the malware and spyware have to go through them, and not a lot of crackers/hackers are capable of bypassing them. This keeps you and your device safe from the random attacks hence making VPN an amazing security provider.


Another thing that took a huge hit since the widespread of internet is privacy. You can’t do a single activity on the internet without some entity peeking at it. Nothing you do is hidden from the prying eyes. Although some people have just accepted that this is the new way to live, there are a few users who still feel that privacy is important.

For those people, VPNs became a huge platform as it allowed them to stay safe on the web without the fear of being watched. As soon as VPN is enabled, the IP and servers are switched to an entirely different location. So, if anyone was monitoring the actual IP and server, they won’t be able to see anything. Your new server and IP are located at a different location, which makes all of your activity completely hidden.

It has been an extremely effective strategy and has helped people who crave privacy all over the globe. VPNs being the only solutions available to this problem could have misused their authorities, but they didn’t. Most of them worked and are working even to this day to improve the privacy functions. Some of them are even offering over 100 servers around the globe and you can switch between them at will.

They will keep your internet activity completely hidden, and won’t be able to track whatever it is that you do. This feature alone makes the VPN worthwhile, but if you accompany is with multiple security layers, it becomes an amazing combination.

Internet Throttling

Both security and privacy are great features to have, but VPNs aren’t limited to those either as they have also started offering counters to internet throttling. With net neutrality repealed, it is just a matter of time before you begin to see internet service providers misuse their authorities and throttle internet speeds. Fortunately, you won’t have to put up with any of that if you have a decent VPN at your disposal. With the help of VPN, you can use proxy servers, which allow you to keep your normal speed.

Even with net neutrality in place, a lot of ISPs are throttling internet speeds for one reason or another. So you can expect things to get even worse moving forward. Unfortunately, there is no other way to counter this problem as of now other than a VPN. If you are facing this problem right now, then get your hands on a VPN and get it sorted out right away.

The best part about the countering throttling feature is that it doesn’t cost extra. It comes with the VPNs – you just have to take the IP address of the server you are using, put it in the internet details, and your speed goes back to normal. This is easy and convenient process, which doesn’t require any extra work or technical knowledge.

If you want to get back your normal torrent download speed back, you can do that too by manually putting the IP address in the torrent client’s settings. They provide you with the option to use the proxy server, and if your speed isn’t normal, you should make use of this feature. Just take IP of any server you are using, put the details in the right spots, and your internet speed will go back to normal.