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VPN Gate: A Good Service, But Plenty of Room for Improvement

VPN Gate is basically a website that started as an academic project in 2013 by the University of Tsukuba, Japan. The team behind the website didn’t really think that it would become as successful as it did, which is why they started to improve it by including new security protocols. These protocols do a pretty good job of hiding your personal information, and the best part of all of it is that you can access it for free. The team has assured its users that they will never require any kind of paid subscription whatsoever, which is great. However, it’s not all good as there are several problems with VPN Gate. First of all, there is no one getting paid to run this site, so more often than not, their servers are offline. Also, there’s no customer support staff. This really hurts its chances of earning a place in the free leading VPN clients.

There are some other problems as well, which we have discussed in detail in our review.

Data Encryption

Data encryption tools available on VPN Gate includes SSL-VPN, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and Microsoft SSTP. These security protocols ensure that your internet traffic stay encrypted and no third-party is able to interfere in any way. Usually, these encryptions work really well, but sometimes they encounter a few issues, which can affect your overall experience.

Data Logging Policy

Your connection information is including your IP address and locations are stored. Other than that, however, nothing is logged.


Speed varies from server to server but it’s not that great to begin with. You will suffer from low speed if you change your server to the ones mentioned on the site. Sometimes, the connection will be slow, and sometimes, it would be ridiculously slow. So, if you are looking for to browse with decent speed, then VPN Gate is not for you.

Installation Process

VPN Gate is a small tool and takes about a minute or so to get downloaded. Just visit their official website, click on the tab that says ‘Download’ and you will be provided with different ways you can install the client. Choose any one that fits your needs and the file will be downloaded. You’re then clear to utilize services of VPN Gate.

Server Location

There are over 10 different servers from which you can choose from, which is way more than any other VPN service offers for free. There are no restrictions on the usage of these servers and you can switch between them at will.

Provider Profile

VPN Gate came into being as an academic research project in 2013 and took off. A lot of people started to use it because it was free. Seeing the interest, team behind its creation decided to make the platform official and announced that they will not charge a penny from the users as long as VPN Gate exists.

Customer Support

This website is run by volunteers to start with, so there’s no infrastructure and there sure as hell no customer support staff.


VPN Gate can be accessed by anyone at any time with no cost whatsoever. Of course, had the service been paid, it might not have been enjoying the kind of success that it’s currently enjoying because it suffers from a handful of quality issues.


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