VPN Master review

VPN Master Just Falls Short of Greatness

We finally got to try out VPN Master a few days ago. and the results were far more impressive than we had anticipated. The tool is absolutely brilliant as it can do things that most of the VPNs out there can’t. For example, it provides absolute anonymity with unlimited bandwidth, which is something that don’t find in most VPNs. However, there are several shortcomings as well that hold the tool back from being considered among the greatest iOS and Android VPN apps. We will go in detail about the bad things later though, firstly, let’s discuss the good parts.

A Summary of Features

  • Lightning Fast Connections
  • Unblock Websites
  • Military-Grade Security
  • Access to Hulu and BBC iPlayer
  • 24/7 Customer Support

VPN Master Monthly and Yearly Price Plans

Staying true to the trend that almost all VPN services are following these days of offering various premium price plans, VPN Master allows customers to choose from 3 plans:

  • Monthly Plan
  • 3-Month Plan
  • Yearly Plan

VPN Master Lets You Surf Anonymously

If you want anonymity, then you don’t have to look any further than VPN Master. As soon as you switch it on, you are taken to another server and you can continue to keep surfing the web anonymously. The best part is that it enables you to browse endlessly as there’s no limit on bandwidth. When VPNs offer no limit on bandwidth, they usually suffer from slow speeds. However, you won’t have to worry about that with VPN Master. The speed is fine in most cases, but on weekends, it can get a bit slow. Overall, it’s a great package if only thing you’re seeking is anonymity.

A Large Network of Servers

VPN Master boasts a total of 25 servers and you can switch to any of them at any given moment. The choice is yours. If you feel one server is too slow for you or just isn’t doing anything for you, then switch to another one. It’s just that simple.

An Extremely User Friendly VPN Service

Most of the VPNs out there can be pretty difficult to use because they contain a plethora of information that isn’t of any use to us. Fortunately, VPN Master doesn’t go down that route as it provides simple to understand interface. Everything you want is presented to you so you don’t have to call customer support or any tech savvy person just to get started.

Stay Secure Online Through a Powerful Encryption Protocol

VPN Master comes with just one security protocol. You only get 128-bit encryption with PPTP protocol. It is good for regular browsing and keeping away the identity thieves, but don’t expect too much from it.

Money-Back Guarantee for 24 Hours

VPN Master does allow you to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product, but you will have to do that within 24 hours. This means that you have to test everything you want to test within a day and if you like it, you can keep it, if you don’t, you can get your money back. However, if you encounter any issue after the first day, then you are done for because there’s just no way for you to get a refund. So think wisely before making an investment.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Support Staff

Support staff is said to be available 24/7 and you can contact them in a lot of different ways like emails, calls, and live chats. However, the response time is incredibly slow on all of these channels. Call and emails are almost useless as they don’t respond to them at all. You can get a response via live chat, but that will only happen if the question you’ve asked is rather simple. Any technical query and they’ll run away and won’t answer you, which is incredibly annoying.

Only One Connection Per Account

One of the biggest flaws of VPN Master is that it allows only one connection per account, which is downright ridiculous. A lot of people nowadays have different devices and they want their VPN to work on all of them. Sadly, they can’t do that with this tool. So, if you are looking for a VPN that caters to all of your devices, then you should look elsewhere.

Our Final Words on VPN Master

All in all, VPN Master is decent tool if only thing you are looking for is anonymous browsing. Other than that, it’s of no good use. Money back guarantee is only available for one day, support staff isn’t responsive, only one security protocol is present, and worst part is, it only allows you to use one connection per account. So, if you’re looking to spend on a VPN that you’re going to use on regular basis, then you should look elsewhere because at the moment, spending money on VPN Master would be unwise.

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