scratchless on stainless steel apple watch

Warning – Stainless Steel Wearable Gadget is Prone to Scratches

Apparently, this issue is present in stainless steel Apple Watch only.

Much to the surprise of Apple Watch users, the stainless steel Apple Watch got scratched within just 24 hours of use. Several customers posted the images of their brand-new smartwatches on Instagram and Twitter.

This was the last thing Apple fans expected from the expensive wearable gadget as Apple claimed that it has made the steel body 80% harder compared to normal steel through cold forging just to make it corrosion-resistant. The Company touts that it has given mirror finish to the stainless steel Apple Watch, but it seems that these are all false claims.

Thankfully, the display of this watch is scratch-resistant due to the use of sapphire glass, which means the screen is safe to use, but the casing may end up having too many scratches.

Luckily, the Apple Watch with an Aluminium Casing does not have the same issue, at least no one has complained about it yet.

Watches usually get scratches after months or even years of daily use, not within 24 hours to one week of use.

Apple has not yet commented on this issue, but chances are it will develop a plan to compensate its watch users in order to gain their trust. The company already has an AppleCare and AppleCare+  for Apple Watch, but customers will have to pay a minimum of $59 fee for using this service.


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