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What is MDM and How It Can Help Your Organization

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is quickly gaining traction in the corporate sector, something that hardly comes as a surprise. It’s a brilliant way of managing the mobile fleet and also helps in keeping corporate information organized and secure.

Many corporations around the globe have realized the importance and necessity of MDM and are deploying it in their companies. However, there are still a lot of businesses out there that don’t even know what MDM actually is.

If you are also amongst these people, then worry not because we are going to help you understand what MDM is, how it can help your company, and what features you should look for in an MDM solution.

What is MDM?

MDM is the new way of doing things in organizations. It is basically an administrative process that deals with deploying, securing, monitoring, and managing mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops in the workplace.

MDM allow users, mostly IT admins, to distribute multiple applications, data, and configuration to different departments rather easily. This basically means businesses and especially the IT staff can supervise, manage, and maintain the entire mobile inventory of the company from a single admin console.

This not only offers conveniences and a greater degree of control on the mobile inventory but also saves up a lot of time.

How Can MDM Help Your Organization?

Companies deploy MDM to improve the administration of mobile devices in the premises or in use of the employees.

Since these devices frequently connect to the corporate network and access sensitive information, it is imperative to ensure data and even device protection. Strict protocols are required for this purpose, and this is where MDM plays its part.

Creating and enacting security and access policies becomes a cinch with the help of MDM. IT admins can quickly push necessary policies, e.g. configuration for virtual private network (VPN), Wi-Fi, Email, security, etc. with just one click.

Furthermore, commercial and enterprise apps can be distributed to a specific or the entire mobile network of the organization silently and seamlessly.

Device and data protection options such as remote lock and wipe are also available while MDM is deployed, making it convenient to protect corporate assets and data.

What Features to Look for in MDM Solutions?

One important thing to note is that not all MDM come with the same features, which is why you have to look for one that offers the following:

  • It should be compatible with all or most common handheld devices
  • It should function on multiple operating systems
  • It should allow settings to be changed on the fly
  • It should contain feature that allows targeting specific devices
  • It should allow addition and removal of devices at all times
  • It can deploy next-gen hardware, programs, applications, and OS as soon as they become available

Not a lot of MDM out there offer these features, so finding one that caters to your needs won’t be an easy task.

However, you should take on the challenge of digging up an MDM solution that delivers on all fronts as the very survivability of your business may depend on it.

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