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WhatsApp Suffers Outage on New Year’s Eve

A lot of people panicked when suddenly they weren’t able to send or receive any messages through the platform.

New Year’s Eve is a big night where everyone wants to wish their friends and family members a happy new year. However, that was not the case yesterday because one of the biggest social networking platforms went down, causing a massive freak out amongst the users.

With more than 900 million users across different platforms, it was inevitable that the load would be higher than usual. However, despite its best efforts, WhatsApp was unable to keep itself going.

A large number of users sent the messages to their loved ones, but due to the issues the platform was facing, none of them made it through. This of course caused frustration, which was voiced through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People posted angry statuses, tweets, and pictures to let out their frustrations. Although WhatsApp wasn’t offline for too long, it still angered a lot of people who wanted to wish their loved ones a happy new year.

As of now, the issues have been sorted out and the instant messaging platform is working without a hitch.


Image Courtesy: thenextweb.com

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