Why People Prefer Brands like Apple and Samsung over Weaker Brands

Almost everyone has got a smartphone nowadays and their sheer number is increasing with each passing day. Due to huge demand of smartphones, the market has become overpopulated as there’s something available for every user. If someone wants it cheap, they’ll get the budget version, and someone has plenty of money to spend, then they can go all in and buy the best possible offering in the market. It’s all well and good, but there’s just one problem – most of the users prefer major brands like Apple and Samsung over some relatively weaker brands. The popularity of iPhone and Galaxy phones is strides ahead of relatively less-known brands despite the latter manufacturing phones with similar specs. This may seem rather confusing at first, but if there’s a whole set of reasons behind people preferring Apple and Samsung over other brands. Let’s take a look at them in detail.


Whenever people start their search for the phone, the first thing they look for is reliability. Yes features are important, but users also want their phone to last for a long time. If they are investing their hard-earned money into a phone, then they want their money’s worth and this can only be guaranteed through established brands. Both Apple and Samsung had it really difficult in the beginning, but through time and effort, they have managed to win over the trust of their customers who are now loyal to them. Reliability is the key and both of these brands offer it. Now this does not mean that other brands are not good or reliable, but they will have to prove themselves to people and keep on coming up with the products that are not only creative, but also reliable.


The high-end brands have been in the market for quite some time, and have done a lot of effort to reach where they are today. So if they come up with something that doesn’t work or is causing issues, then they have to take immediate counter-measures to undo or resolve the problems. These companies take each customer’s problems seriously and try to make sure that their concerns are dealt with sooner rather than later. If they don’t act immediately to any issue, then people would lose trust in them, and no established brand wants that to happen. They are accountable for every action they take, and are always on their toes to achieve their aim of pleasing customers. To sum up, we can say that accountability is one of the biggest reasons people opt for high-end brands.

Resale Value

All phones have their limit and the users know that. A new smartphone is rolled out every year so the users get rid of the previous one before they purchase the latest model. Due to their high demand, Apple and Samsung users are able to sell their smartphones at a relatively fair price. This is one major point that cannot be found in any other brand. Even if the users have bought a new phone from a relatively less-known brand, the likelihood is that they will not even get even half of their price back through resale. On the other hand, old Apple and Samsung phones are still selling in the used marketplace at a fairly decent price.

This must give you a pretty good idea of why people prefer high-end brands over the lower end ones. Although they are pricy, they do have the aforementioned advantages, which cannot be found in other brands.


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