Why Recycling Old Items Has Seen a Boom in Recent Times

Recycling is not a new thing. Back in the days before mass production was standard, people had no choice but to re-use all sorts of household goods. Durability was a virtue then, so those goods stood up to repeated use, sometimes for generations. People kept one car for their entire life. Home food preserving relied on the same sterilized glass jars for years and only the wealthiest children wore clothing that had not been handed down from an older sibling or relative.

recycling old items

During World War II when many materials were rationed and completely unavailable due to the war, learning to re-use things became a mark of patriotism. But once the boom times of the 1950s began, that mindset was largely forgotten.

Fast-forward to the 1970s and the hippie years and a concern for Mother Earth brought recycling back to the public’s attention.

These days, there are many compelling reasons to recycle and re-use.

The Economy

Times are tough for a lot of people right now and any source of cash is not only appreciated, but is often necessary. Selling things online and through yard sales and flea markets not only garners quick cash, but also increases the sense of community. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and both benefit from the exchange. Recycling in the community sense can also bring cash as many communities pay for certain items. Some communities are providing recycling bags with a computer chip in them that records the weight of items recycled. Conscientious recyclers are rewarded with coupons and other incentives.


As new technologies develop, the less need there is for the older ones. People who can download thousands of pieces of music no longer need bookshelves full of compact disks. The faster new technologies are introduced, the harder it can be to keep up with them. Once people could own movies on nearly indestructible DVDs, the movie studios and the companies dependent on selling their titles had to come up with a way to keep consumers buying. Not only do they introduce a new technology every few years, but they also stop producing the machines needed to play the old one.

Consumers have to keep up, or they’ll be left behind. Now that it’s convenient and affordable to stream movies, many consumers don’t bother to collect them in any technology. Selling your older versions is an excellent way to clear space and make money to upgrade and it also benefits someone just starting out.


The faster things move, the more we all have the urge to reach back into childhood for the familiar. The sheer number of people searching for vintage items online is matched by those looking to the future and the Internet has the capability to match the two in a way that is simply unprecedented in human history.

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