Why Siri On iPhone 4S May Be Your Next Best Friend [Video]

Attention techies and gadget lovers out there! The latest in the line of Apple products, iPhone 4S, is out now and is currently taking Apple fans by storm! Heck, they even got some non-believers converted and raving about the product too. This latest offer by the famous Apple company bares the latest in their brand of mobile phones and introduces some of the most useful and high tech features yet. The virtual assistant called Siri is one of them. This inanimate but seemingly sentient product of modern technology might just be your new best friend.

siri App by Apple for iphone 4S - Logo

So how can Siri make you fall in love with it? Here are just some of the things you can expect from this latest product of cutting edge technology:

  1. Does Voice Activated Commands – Siri acts like a certified virtual assistant by recognizing and internalizing your voice and speech patterns and acting on your commands and requests. You can make it do different tasks like send text messages for you, set important meetings or appointments, and even look information up in the Internet.

  2. Keeps you Updated Regularly – Just like a really good and efficient assistant, Siri keeps you up to speed on the latest happenings, especially with the recent commands or requests you made. You’ll know right away if your message was sent or not. It can actively inform you about your routine or schedule for the day.

  3. Acts as Convenient Companion – I wouldn’t be surprised if you started treating Siri as a friend because it can really serve as one! It can work hand in hand with lots of different mobile applications and services that you would never go bored anywhere if you have it.

Siri an intelligent App by Apple for Iphone 4S

I’m sure iPhone 4S users can probably name a few more perks which this highly technological mobile phone has given them. Aside from Siri, iPhone 4S boasts of other cool features like iCloud, FaceTime, iOS, and a kick ass built-in camera which everyone will surely rave about. No wonder Apple fans worldwide braved all odds just to get their hands on this impressive gadget. Right now, there are talks about Apple’s plans of releasing iPhone 5, which promises to be even more impressive than iPhone 4S. Only time can tell if that phone will hold true to its rumored promises. For now, let’s just enjoy the many perks and benefits that our new best friend, iPhone 4S has to offer.

Here is an Official Video by Apple that shows the Siri Application on Action on the newly released iPhone 4S :