Why you need to adopt LED Lamps instead CFL ?

Light Emitting Diode or simply LED, is replacing the other forms of lighting such as Fluorescent bulbs and CFLs. LED lamps are on the uptrend nowadays and if this growth rate keeps going on in the same manner, then these would surely replace the CFLs completely. Well, the reason of immense popularity of LED lamps is because of the features that it provides you.

People nowadays are very much concerned about the features before opting for any particular product. This is what LED lamps come up with. If you are still using the CFL, then let me tell you that you are missing a hell lot of features that you could only enjoy by switching to CFLs. Oh! you are ready to switch to LED lamps if you get a reason(s) to do so? Good move, as most of people prefer to know about the reasons before opting for any particular technology. Therefore I am here with a detailed comparison between LED lamps and CFL that will tell you that why you need to adopt LED lamps instead of CFL.

Saving of Energy

Energy is must to expect a golden time in the future. The new technology always try to save energy and this is what LED lamps do. CFLs convert almost 80 percent of the energy supplied to them, into heat. It means that you waste a hell lot of energy when you use CFLs.

There is not any heat production and hence not any wastage of energy when LED lamps are used. Moreover, by saving energy, you do not only play your ideal role in the development of prosperous society, but also save big money on electricity bills.


Safety is very important in every field of life; whether you are performing any work or are opting for any technology to be used in your house. If you use CFLs, then let me tell you that your safety measures are very low. CFLs product heat and there is always a risk of their breakage.

No such problem is there in case of LED lamps as these don’t produce any heat and there is not any use of Glass Filament in them. So no fear of breakage.

Impact on Environment

It’s OK that you look for all features that please you, while opting for any product. But you must also take care of impact of product on environment, the product that you are thinking to opt for. CFLs use the dangerous materials like Mercury. You might already know that Mercury is highly harmful for environment. The more you use the CFL, more will be bad impact on environment due to increased use of Mercury.

There is no use of Mercury or other materials in LED lamps, so totally environment friendly. By using LED lamps, you can play your bit in environment’s protection.

So it was the comparison in the features of LED lamps and CFLs. As you can see, LED lamps overtake CFLs in every feature that is considered to be on high note by any user. I hope that you are now filled with enough reasons to adopt LED lamps instead CFLs. Right?

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