Why Your Business Should Join the Social Media Conversations

When Hillary Clinton announced that she would be running for President of the United States. She started off her campaign saying that she ‘wanted to start a conversation’. It was a hot button phrase meaning she wanted to have a conversation in which she talked, you listened, then you agreed. A pretty one way deal, huh?

We never appreciate that mindset, and yet so many brands use it on a pretty consistent basis. We use social media to talk, and we want people to join in on the ‘conversation’ by listening, and liking. That would be a lot simpler. It would also be the ‘old way’ of marketing. You send mailer to someones house and you do all the talking. 99% of websites do all the talking. TV ads do all the talking. Then social media had to come along and complicate things.

When two law enforcement offices in major cites tested a Twitter campaign, they tweeted partial police reports to enlist the help of their cities’ citizens. One tested for about 12 hours and released about 40 tweets an hour. (That’s a lot by even The Bieb’s standards) The other tested for about 24 hours. They used hash tags and tweeted more than 100 times an hour. That’s some serious tweeting. The first city managed to lose hundreds of followers. The second added 11,000. What was the difference? The second city responded to people. They answered the questions as to why they were tweeting so much. They thanked people for helping. It was… conversation. Both cities were listening, but only one city made sure people knew they were listening.

When we employ social media, we must ensure that the people we want to hear us, know that we are listening to them. Valuing their voices goes a long way. Keeping value on the customer is the best way marketing works (after all that is your money) and social media makes it simple for you. There is a fear that business’ have about opening up the “doors” for people to say what they want about your company. It is a great way to show your company’s standard of conflict resolution (if that occurs) and customer service. Social media is powerful, let it empower your company to reach new levels.

There are a lot of companies out there that are “offering” digital marketing of some sort.  Just be sure that they have one thing above all else…RESULTS!  Don’t let a good salesman fool you.  Nothing speaks louder than numbers and ROI.  It’s the name of the game in business.