Window 10 Themes: Best of the Bunch

Windows 10 does come with themes, but there are a very few of them, and there is not much variety to choose from. Fortunately, some third parties have started to take interest in the matter and have created some really unique themes. They not only come with their own unique background, but some of them have their sounds, music, colors, backgrounds, and even icons. Window 10 themes that are already available when you first boot up are nothing in comparison to what’s available online. People around the globe have come up with some incredible stuff. Some of it is officially available on the Windows store, but there are some themes that are third party only and have to be downloaded separately. It is not much of a hassle though as you can get your hands on the said themes by simply going to their official website. However, in the midst of huge collection, it is difficult to find something that will suit you. Knowing that, we have compiled a list of best themes, so that you can get your hands on them without a hitch.


Dash changes the outlook of your operating system altogether. This is quite similar to the Mac OS version, but has its distinct personality. If you are tired of the look of your Windows 10 or just want something that looks a lot like Mac OS, then you should definitely give this one a shot. The entire layout would be changed, new icons have a refreshing feeling, and the best part is that you can customize it in any way you want. If you want more simplicity, you can get it, and if you want a complexity, you can get it as well. You have all the options you need and you can play with them at your will.


Oxford is another brilliant theme for Windows 10 and is suitable for those who are looking for something simpler. The icons are colorless, so it’s mostly black and white. This may seem like bad, but it isn’t really, it is easily one of the most user-friendly themes out there. It is easy on the eyes, doesn’t require much RAM, increases performance, and works perfectly. If your computer is in a dire need of a makeover and you don’t want anything fancy, then this is as simple as it gets.


Flattastic is a complete opposite of Oxford. It comes with a colored backgrounds and icons that bring a new life to your screen. If you like that sort of presentation, then you will love this theme. Also, it is designed so brilliantly that nothing feels out of place. Everything is in the right order and feels natural. However, if you don’t like things as they are, then you are free to customize them in any way you want.


If you want elegance, then Ades is the one you should go for. Your Windows layout will stay the same, but the icons, background, and menus will be more refined and unique. It has different color combinations and you can try ones that suit you the best. This is basically a go to theme for a lot of people because of its similarities to original operating system. It works the same, operates the some, but has a ton of desktop personalization options which makes it the best pick for the users. If you are also tired of gimmicky look of your Windows 10 and want to experiment, then do give Ades a shot.

Yosemite Dark & Light

Yosemite Dark & Light changes up the things just enough to make your operating system a new look. However, it doesn’t go too overboard with its layout. You can change the colors and some icons will be tweaked as well, but the layout will remain similar to Windows 10. It’s not that big of a leap, but it’s a leap nonetheless. If you are looking for minor changes and nothing significantly big, then Yosemite Dark & Light is your best bet.

Themes that come installed with Windows 10 are good, but the lack of variety in them is a huge downside. However, with third party themes available now, it’s not that difficult to change your layout, backgrounds, colors, and icons in any way you see fit. These five are easily the best themes available for Windows 10 at the moment, and you should definitely try them out.

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