Xbox One Windows 10 Update Coming in November

Windows 10 Coming to Xbox One In November

This integration will add an easy to use interface and support for virtual assistant Cortana.

Yesterday at Gamescom, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 will be making its way to Xbox One in November of this year. This integration will change the interface of Microsoft’s current-gen machine altogether.

The new interface will be a lot faster and will let players navigate rather easily. The current build has some problems, one of them being its slow speed. This will all change come this November.

Another big change coming with the new interface is the integration of virtual assistant, Cortana. Instead of navigating through a large number of files, you can just simply command Cortana to open up certain files, games or apps for you. It will also help you in doing mundane tasks such as creating a party, inviting friends, taking screenshots, etc.

Cortana is a great addition, but it can only be used by the Xbox One owners who also own Kinect sensor. Those of you without the sensor will have to make do with the new interface which Microsoft claims will be a big improvement over the current build.

There’s no fixed release date provided for the launch just yet.


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