Windows 10 Security Patches are Available

Windows 10 First Security Patches Have Started to Roll Out

These patches improve the overall experience of the new operating system and Edge Browser.

Barely two weeks have passed since the launch of Windows 10 and Microsoft has already released the first set of security patches for it. This first set contains fourteen different bulletins that will take care of different security issues occurring within the new operating system.

Five of these fourteen bulletins contain security patches for Windows 10 and Edge Browsers. Both of them will now work better and will have fewer security issues. Three of fourteen bulletins are marked as critical, which means that they need to be downloaded as soon as possible. You can get details on other bulletins on Microsoft’s official website.

Windows 10 has been getting positive feedback all around and its user base is increasing at a pretty frantic pace. This is largely due to Microsoft’s initiative to allow people to upgrade to the latest version for free.

Furthermore, Windows 10 rectifies almost all the mistakes that were made in the previous version, and includes some great new features as well. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Windows 10 goes on to become the next big operating system.


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