Windows 10 Hasn’t Arrived Without Its Fair Share of Issues

Windows 10 has received great response upon its launch and rightly so. It has brought a ton of new features to the table which will surely make users’ life a whole lot easier. However, it’s not all good news as there are some problems that a large number of people are experiencing. So before you go diving into the latest Windows, do keep the following problems in mind.

Activation Issues

The biggest problem users are encountering is when they try to activate Windows 10 once it has been installed, and it doesn’t get activated. People get frustrated because of this problem and try to revert to Windows 8, which leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. There is only one solution to the activation issue and that is to wait. You will just have to wait for a few hours, and the issue will be fixed automatically. It seems to be a problem due to the high demand and install rate of Windows 10.

Chrome Not Working Perfectly

Google Chrome has millions of users. However, on Windows 10, it has been causing some problems. It is experiencing slowdowns and crashes, especially when users try to stream videos. There is no fix out for these issues just yet, but hopefully Google will take care of them in the near future.

Where Are Favorites?

A lot of people have been posting on different forums on how to access their favorites when using the new Edge browser on Windows 10. The solution is pretty simple. Simply click on “…” button and select Settings. Find Import favorites from another browser option and open it. This will open up a menu of browsers installed on your computer. Select the one you want favorites transferred from and it will be done.

No Subfolders for Emails

Although Windows 8 wasn’t a perfect operating system, but it did allow users to create subfolders when organizing their daily emails. A large number of users utilized this feature in the previous operating system, which is why they were pretty disappointed to find out that it didn’t make it to Windows 10. For those of you who miss making subfolders will have to find another way of organizing their emails because as of now, there’s no plan for bringing the feature to Windows 10.

Connectivity Issues

This is the issue that has befallen a lot of people. Users are reporting that their Wi-Fi is cutting out, and then isn’t reconnecting. This issue is happening a bit more than expected, but the solution for it has remained the same. You just have to reset the router or reboot your computer, and it will start working again. Disabling the Wi-Fi sharing feature has also helped some users so you can try that as well.

Windows 10 is new, so these issues were very much expected. However, as time goes on, the experience is likely to improve as Microsoft will keep releasing new updates to freshen up and fine-tune the experience, and also fix the broken features.


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