Windows 10 Impressions 2017

When Windows 10 first arrived, not a lot of people were interested in it. The main reason was that they were burned out by Windows 8 and thought that Windows 10 will be more of the same. Fortunately, the situation on the new operating system was way better. It came with close to no issues, a very good antivirus program, and an extremely user-friendly interface that was easier to get used to. Our experience with Windows 10 is improving with each passing day and that’s because of ton of improvements that Microsoft is bringing. All of them have made the new operating system a good place to be, and we have shed light on some of those features below.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a whole lot better than the Internet Explorer. I know a lot of jokes are made that the Edge is simply another version of Explorer, but in reality, that’s not the case. Edge’s functionality and speed is better. Internet Explorer on the other hand was a pain to work with and was incredibly slow. Although Microsoft Edge is nowhere to close to other browsers available in the market, but it is still a better option than what we had before.


You did get notifications before and you had the option to do your searches as well. However, now this process has been streamlined. Cortana is efficient and always keeps you updated about the things that are happening on your device. You are notified about each and everything – the problems and the features, the updates. This was something that we were not getting in the previous Windows iterations but with Windows 10, Microsoft has finally implemented. Having an idea of what’s going on with your device helps in keeping it safe, secure, and functioning in the longer run.


Windows Defender has never been so effective. Every time someone installed an operating system on their device, first thing they did was to install antivirus. Windows Defender was quite useless and didn’t perform well at all. However, it has become so much effective with Windows 10 that I didn’t really need to bother with antivirus. Security updates are rolled out on regular basis and they keep the device safe from the external threats. This has been a huge improvement from the previous versions.

Visual Aesthetics

Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 were quite a looker, but the sharpness that has been added with Windows 10 is incredible. Really gives next-gen feel to the hardware and any wallpaper you choose looks absolutely fantastic. The icons and interface have received an overhaul as well and they look a whole lot better.

User Friendly

One of the biggest reasons Windows 8 got rejected immediately was its lack of user-friendliness. People had to learn how to operate the new OS, which of course was quite annoying. Microsoft learned their lesson, and with Windows 10, they have given all the options to the users. They have made it in such a way that the users have all the control over everything. The best part is that anything that users need to find is presented right in front of them, so that they don’t have to navigate through different menus just to get a simple task done. These changes are small but they make the usage of new operating system a lot easier. This is the reason behind recent switching to Windows 10. Windows 7 is still amongst the top used operating systems in the world, but the gap with Windows 10 is closing.

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