Windows 10 is here

Windows 10 is now Live

The newest iteration rectifies almost all the mistakes Microsoft made with Windows 8.

The long wait for Windows 10 has come to an end, and now you can finally move on the latest Windows operating system. This news is particularly good for the users who didn’t like using Windows 8 because of its confusing interface that did more harm than good.

Microsoft rectifies almost all the errors they made with Windows 8 and brings some new and amazing features to the table. The biggest change brought with the new OS is the new AI assistant Cortana. This immensely helpful AI guides you through almost all the initial processes, and comes in handy for your computer and internet searches, especially when you’re in a mood to just sit back and relax.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer, Edge, has finally made its debut. It works rather well and won’t crash every time you open something big.

Windows 8’s biggest issue was the absence of the Start Menu, which people had got accustomed to since the dawn of Windows operating system. Microsoft has rectified this problem as well, as Start Menu has returned to Windows 10. The Start Menu contains almost all the major features of Windows, and is completely customizable.

Apart from the aforementioned features, there is Xbox One video games streaming, hybrid interfaces, and a ton of other features that you will experience once you get your hands on Windows 10.

As promised by Microsoft, upgrading to the latest version of Windows is free for Windows 8 and 8.1 users.


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