Windows 10 Finalized

Windows 10 Release Build Has Been Selected

The service model era of Windows will begin with build 10240.

Windows 10 is going to make its way to the public on July 29, and it has been reported that Microsoft has selected build 10240 as the final release to manufacturing (RTM) copy.

This means that no more changes will be made to Windows 10 until it has officially been released. Microsoft has assured that it will continue to make enhancements to the latest operating system on regular basis, but that will happen post launch. All of the additions and changes will first make their way to the testers, and then they will be the ones who will green light them.

Testers will also be the first ones to get their hands on Windows 10, and the future updates of the upcoming operating system will largely depend on how testers’ hands-on will go.

After a not-so-successful Windows 8.1, Microsoft has a lot of ground to cover with Windows 10. Looking at the work that’s been put into the upcoming operating system, it seems that it will be a huge improvement over its predecessor.


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