No new Windows after Windows 10

Windows 10 to be the Final Major Release of Microsoft’s Operating Software

The upcoming release will not be followed by a fresh iteration. Instead, it will become a service, evolving through regular updates.

Windows 10 is officially the last major release of the operating system by Microsoft, after which there will just be regular updates instead of an entirely new iteration.

This plan was announced by Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft Development Executive, during the Microsoft Ignite Conference.

Nixon further explained that Windows 10 will evolve and become better with time with new innovations coming its way.

He also said that it will become more like a service where customers will get free updates regularly, which means Windows won’t die any time soon.

Customer will not get affected by this decision, as they will still be able to use Microsoft Windows without any problem.

This does not mean that Microsoft will stop creating operating system. It will keep on bringing positive change in the lives of people with its innovative and unique operating systems, but with a different name.

The Company has still not decided what will be the name of its next operating system after Windows.


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