Windows 10 Update delayed

Windows 10 Upcoming Update Delayed to November

It seems that Windows 10 problems are here to stay for next two months.

If you were waiting for Windows 10 to get new features through an update anytime soon, then we have got some bad news for you. According to WinBeta, the next major update for Microsoft’s latest operating system has been pushed to November.

This update is reportedly codenamed Threshold 2 and it is said to bring new desktop messaging app, more extensions for Microsoft Edge, and of course a whole lot of fixes to Windows 10.

This news must be disappointing for the users who have been experiencing some serious issues and were hoping that Microsoft will take care of them with the update in the near future.

However, if you look at it from Microsoft’s perspective, you will see that the delay will allow the tech giant to spend more time on fixing the bugs and include more features into the update. So instead of releasing half-hearted updates that don’t do too much, it seems that Microsoft will be releasing big updates that will actually make a difference.

Do note that all the information mentioned above is based on rumors so until everything is confirmed by Microsoft itself, you should take this news with a grain of salt.


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