Windows 8 Review: A Brand New Start with Metro UI

Windows 8 introduces a new start screen to PC users, one more commonly seen on Tablets and Smart Phones.  The new tiles set up, known as Windows Store Apps, is an innovative way for Microsoft to integrate devices across the board, allowing Microsoft users a seamless experience as they move from their phones, to their tablets, to their PCs. This is the Windows 8 Review below,

windows 8 start menu screen Green background

When you first turn on your Windows 8 machine, you will be greeted by the welcome screen, showing a beautiful picture along with the weather and time. On your PC, simply touching any key will take you on to the new customizable Start Screen.  Here all of your Apps are open as ’tiles’, or icons.

Windows 8 Review: Unique facts

Here is what is really nice.  The tiles can be customized to present your most comfortable work environment.  Rearrange them so that your favorite apps present first, alphabetize them, or put your most commonly used apps where they come to your fingertips the most easily.  Decide whether you want to see live updates in your apps, and never miss another Tweet or Face-book status update.  These live updates allow us to see what is going on in our virtual worlds, without having to open the app.

windows 8 review pro Store - appstore

Zoom out on your Start Screen to get an overview of all of your tiles.  Here is where you can easily regroup the tiles, and see everything that you have on one screen. It also come with a new personalized control panel and allows you to customize your windows 8 system settings and looks.

windows 8 pro - new personalised control Pannel

This Windows 8 Review makes full use of your desktop in an intuitive and natural way.  The edges of your screen will carry all of your menus.  Charms are on the far right and accessed by moving your mouse to the top or bottom right corner.  What are charms, you ask?  A charm is the new navigation menu for Windows 8.  Here is where you will share between apps, search files, documents and apps, configure all your external devices, or jump back to the start screen from within an application.  You will find the bottom icon on the charms menu to be Settings.  This is where you will shut down or restart your computer in Windows 8.

windows 8 pro internet explorer new look

The far left of your screen will be your most recently used apps, including the Start Screen. Once you have used your first Windows 8 application, you can open this menu by sliding the mouse to bottom left corner of the screen, where the start button used to be.

The app switching menu is also located on the left hand side of the desktop.  To access this screen using your mouse, hover on the top left corner of the screen, then drag down slightly.  To switch, click the application you want to open and drag it out on to the screen.  It will grow to full size.

windows 8 pro desktop screenshot

Installation tips

There is a video tutorial for Windows 8 Review included with your download of the new Windows 8 operating system, which you should definitely use.  There are also good tips during the installation, so be sure and read the windows that open as you install, instead of clicking through them. These help and a little bit of practice will make this new Start Screen in Windows 8 a fun and enjoyable computer experience.

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