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WordPress 3.3 Released : A Quick Overview On its Features

Welcome to WordPress 3.3 : New dashboard , new Style , new cool look

The new babe has just arrived at the town. The new sexy wordpress 3.3 . The latest and ever awaited version of the WordPress software — 3.3, named “Sonny” in the honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt — is now available for download or update inside your WordPress dashboard. I saw the update last week on my dashboard that it was going to be released soon. Well again one of my blogging friends notified me about the release of all new word press and I came over to techomag and updated it. I won’t regret about of the update. The new features are killer and plus none of my plugins broke after install. Check out this video which Give’s you a nice overview about the new WordPress 3.3 Features :

 I can’t give a performance report on new version WordPress 3.3 , but I can give you a quick overview. Well ,even for the performance scale WordPress 3.3 is pretty good as well. But what I love the most about it is the New Flyer UI (user Interface), allowing you to access all the features almost from any where at a go.

Comparison of wordpress 3.2 and wordpress 3.3 Flyer effect

Let me go through some major features here, and rest you can check out during your adventure .

Easier Uploading

Wordpress 3.3 improved the file uploading section of wordpress. Now it supports more formats like rar and 7zip.  It is now streamlined. there is drag and drop, you dun need to choose what file you are uploading, the smart new wordpress will auto detect it for you.

New and Improved Media Uploader : wordpress 3.3 overview

Dashboard Design

The flyout menus really make navigation breeze , you can reach almost anymajor part of your site , from any page with out need of multiple click. The header and admin bar is now mixed up saving the space and converting it to a really uber cool toolbar. The help menus gets a facelift and the design is pretty responsive.

Redesigned Admin Bar Dashboard : New WordPress 3.3 vs wordpress 3.2

First Times are Always Fun

The first time pointers, the New Welcome Menu, the tour features etc,  really power up the wordpress feature list. With the update, I updated yoast plugin and other stuff. And really enjoyed working my way through the tour, I think its a killer addition to the Admin Pannel User Experience (UX).

Cool tour on new WordPress Features after wordpress 3.3 Update

Content Tools

WordPress now really helps you to stay on top of your social life, it features an all new tumblr importer which I think is a really kwel idea, it also features a lot of improvements to the widgets section. Another important new feature is better co-editing . Now you can watch in real time if some one else is editing a post along with you. no more time lags like previous versions.

 New feature : Realtime Content Editing : wordpress 3.3 Overview

Along with this WordPress 3.3 features a hell lot of underhood improvments like better Permalink structures, Admin screen api, Editor api overhauls, Inclution of jquery UI stack as well. So Don’t wait. update , download etc and try out this Splendid piece of  Software.