X-MINI Capsule Speaker with Dynamic Sound [ Review ]

Here comes a pocket sized savior for those ugly sound throes faced by the countless laptop owners.The capsule speaker introduced by the x-mini is the solution for that problem.This player fits anywhere in the  laptop bag , and if it’s for the office desktop, the owner only need to worry about locating the capsule speaker in the amidst all the cluster. X-mini capsule speaker is the solution for people who want volume from a laptop portable audio device that either doesn’t have a speaker or has tiny speakers that aren’t  up to the job of delivering a wide dynamic response at reasonable listening volume.

X-mini capsule speaker : with dynamic sound

About the size of an airline Coke can, the speaker system at first glance looks anything but.The mid section can be unscrewed to reveal a jack in the box, quite literally, for the speaker extends a bit vertically. In performance this trick only guarantees a slightly improved bass response.  The speaker is powered by USB but takes audio over a normal headphone jack, so you don’t have to carry a power adapter for it or install drivers to use it.that is the major advantage of the x-mini speaker.

X-mini speakers were introduced in to the market in 2008 .A quick separation movement – they are held together by magnets, and then an unlocking procedure reveals two speakers, complete with a concertina like design, created to give you more “sound” from what is clearly a small package.The rechargeable internal battery provides more than 10 hours of playback time when using it with iPods or portable CD players that don’t have a USB port. That is why the product is become favorable for those who loves to hear music for a long time continuously.

The x-mini speaker is using the slandered mini-USB interface to charge. This will help to reduce the cost of the product and also to make product attractive to the users. Powered by a battery that promises and delivers 10-hours use from a 2-hour charge, the two speakers are connected via a single cable that also offers a recharging dongle (via USB) and a 3.5mm jack with volume control. The charging time for this product is comparably lower than other products at the same grade.That is one of important feature of this product.

The speaker x-mini delivers a good dynamic sound which is what the user playing.That is one of the major goal of the product and we can say that the manufacturers achieved that goal with greater precision.Bass response is excellent considering the size of the device. Bass response is quite warm and not at all “brassy” like most small speakers.The distortion of the sound is only 10% of the volume response.It opens easily to expand its bass reverberation chamber, which is the secret to the bass response.

x-mini-capsule dynamic speaker different with colors red , black and white    xmini capsule : how to connect it to your music player , mp3 , ipod , ipad devices

Laptop users will be pleased to see that there is enough room to allow you to position them either side of your monitor. The small size of the speaker is important for the laptop users, and that is why the speaker x-mini is marketed.The market price of this product is 1250 rupees only.

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