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Xbox One S Launching Next Month

Microsoft revealed slimmer version of Xbox One called Xbox One S at this year’s E3 and said that it will launch by the end of 2016. Now the tech giant has provided a concrete release date for the new version, and it’s coming sooner than expected.

The new Xbox One S will hit the stores on August 2, and is currently available for pre-order as well. This new version operates quite similarly to the original, but there are a couple of significant changes. Firstly, Xbox One S enables you to stream videos in 4k with High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) which is something that people have been asking for quite some time. Furthermore, it will include Bluetooth enabled wireless controller, another hugely demanded product.

Instead of releasing just one version, Microsoft has created three variants of Xbox One S, and only difference between them is of storage space. The cheapest one with 500GB of hard disc space will cost $299. The one with 1TB storage costs $350, while the one 2TB of hard disk space is priced at $399.

If you haven’t already moved on to the current-gen consoles, then it is the perfect opportunity to join in on the action.

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