Facebook Account No Longer a Pre-requisite for Messenger App

You Can Now Use Messenger Without Having a Facebook Account

Don’t have a Facebook account? No worries. You can now use the Messenger app without it.

Facebook has made a bold move as it has announced that from now on, Messenger app can be used without even having a Facebook account. This new addition to the app is named ‘Not on Facebook’.

‘Not on Facebook’ feature will increase the accessibility of the app because there are some countries where Facebook is banned, and then there are some people who just don’t want to use the platform.

People who are looking to utilize this feature will be able to make a non-Facebook account through Messenger app where they just need to provide their names and mobile phone numbers.

After the registration, users will be able to chat with anyone who uses Messenger app, may it be users with Facebook accounts or without them. The best part is that ‘Not on Facebook’ feature will allow users to utilize Facebook Search to find their friends and family members with ease.

Head of Facebook Messenger app David Marcus calls this new addition an augmented address book.

“It’s kind of an augmented address book. You have all of your address book and then you can search for everyone on Messenger.”

Starting today, ‘Not on Facebook’ feature will be available to the users living in USA, Canada, Peru and Venezuela. Other countries will begin to receive this new addition in the near future.


Image Courtesy: donklephant.com

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