YouTube Gaming Platform is Coming

YouTube Gaming Making its Way to US and UK Tomorrow

YouTube is launching its own gaming platform that will serve as a direct competitor to Twitch.

Twitch has been a great platform for the gamers as they have been able to live stream all of their video games with ease. It allowed them to show off their skills, like completing Bloodborne without replenishing health, or completing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in less than an hour.

Twitch was mainly popular because it had no competitor. However, things are going to change as of tomorrow when YouTube Gaming will be made available to the users in UK and US. This platform works more or less the same, as the viewers will be able to find all of the live streams at one place.

It does sound exactly the same, but there are a lot of YouTube gaming channels who were unable to make it on Twitch because their fan following was restricted to YouTube. They will now have an opportunity to make same kind of impact on the world’s biggest and most popular video sharing platform.

Previously, YouTube tried to acquire Twitch, but that bidding war was won by Amazon. Now YouTube is introducing its own gaming platform which will certainly give Twitch a run for its money.


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