YouTube Is More Than Just Click And Play

Youtube new-Logo-2012 : latest youtube update

YouTube -a famous video sharing site has became a repository for billions of videos.YouTube is owned by Google itself.Most of the users only use this site for clicking and and playing videos.Actually YouTube is more than a click and surfing .There a number of tips for the users of YouTube. Here is 10 important tips and tricks for the users of YouTube.

1) Future Viewing of a Video using Flag 

flag youtube videos

Flagging of  a video enables the user to temporarily save a video. This is helpful in a situation where the user find a  good video but having no time to see that at the moment. He can flag that video which will temporarily save the video in the QuickList. Later user can view the video.


2)  Favorite videos can be saved permanently

Add to favorites in YouTube

YouTube  favorites list enables the user to save the video for a longer session.Videos that are saved in QuickList will losses after the shout down of the browser where favorites help to save the videos for a longer session.In order to save a video user can click the save button below the video which will help the viewer for the future viewing of favorite videos.

3) Create a video playlist for managing videos

create a youtube playlist +

Video playlist enables the user to manage and play the videos as he/she like.YouTube contains billions of videos.Managing of this videos is an important problem.Favorites list help to solve this problem for an extent.In addition to this video playlist helps the user to overcome the problem.It can create in addition to favorites list. In order to create a playlist  select New Playlist from the Add Video to Your Playlists list and then click OK.

4) Share a video to friends  via email

Share your youtube video with your friends via email

YouTube is having a facility that allows it’s users to send the emails containing the links of  videos to friends. That is via this mail friend can access the YouTube and watch the video.In order to share a video  go to that video’s page and click the Share link underneath the YouTube video player.This will leads to the opening of a share pane, enter the mail id and sent the link with the private message you like

5) Post  comments for videos 

how to post comment on youtube videos

YouTube allows it’s users to post  comments on videos as they like.Most of the users post text comments which are easy to do.This can be done by clicking add a comment  below the video.

6) Upload a video using webcam too

upload videos through webcam in youtube ( new feature )

Many of the users thinking that the digital cam videos are the only form of video can upload.You can upload videos from your webcam too. For easier uploading a video to the YouTube the trick is that just sit in front of your cam an upload directly to the YouTube.This trick is performed with YouTube’s QuickCapture feature, which allows easier uploading using webcam

 7) YouTube Videos can post to Your Own Blog

In order to improve the look and better way of conveying an idea YouTube videos can be uploaded to personnel blogs too.It can be done by  clicking the My Account link at the top of any YouTube page.Next select the video postings link.When the next page appears, click the Add a Blog/Site button.Thus the video links will be posted to your own blog.


YouTube is the video sharing site contains a number of options.Explore them and use maximum you can.

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