YouTube Kids app under criticism for adult content

YouTube Kids App under Fire for hosting Adult Content

Google has been accused of displaying inappropriate content on YouTube Kids App.

YouTube is under fire after two consumer groups namely Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and Center for Digital Democracy made an allegation that YouTube Kids app is showing adult content that is inappropriate for kids.

In a small video prepared by these two groups as evidence, those parts of videos shared on the channel were shown that contained content related to sex, child abuse, alcohol, drug addiction and much more.

The groups claimed that sharing videos that contain explicit language, profanity, cheap jokes, and family violence, and providing information about playing with matches i negative behavior among kids.

Video By FTC

The video has been provided as a proof to FTC.

This is certainly not the first time YouTube is facing this issue. Back in April, the same two groups, along with American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Consumer Watchdog, had requested FDC to look into the advertisements shown in kid’s applications.

This issue raises concerns for parents who have allowed their kids to use YouTube Kids instead of normal YouTube.

Rest assured as YouTube reported that it will filter the videos by running not one but two checks on them, the first being an algorithm and the second being a manual checking of the content, before uploading it to kids version of the video sharing website.

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