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Know All About YouTube TV – the New TV Streaming Service

YouTube TV is the new TV streaming service to join others in the live TV streaming bandwagon. Launched by YouTube, this TV streaming service initially started to cover only five markets but now it has expanded to 29 with 17 more planned to be launched in the coming weeks. According to YouTube, that alone covers 50% of the US households, which is a huge achievement in itself.

YouTube TV lets you stream live TV without the use of any cord. It offers cable-free live TV, offering more than 40+ networks. A cloud DVR storage with no storage limits is also one of the most prominent features of this streaming service. In addition to that, up to 6 accounts per household can make use of the same service at one time.

Joining the already established players in the cord-cutting market such as Sling TV and Playstation Vue, and the newcomer, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV takes pride in itself by proving that it has got the most potential out of all.

Find Out More About YouTube TV

YouTube has only made its live TV streaming service available for the US at the moment which means that only customers based in the US can enjoy this streaming service. It’s similar to Netflix but instead of showing on-demand TV shows and movies, you will get to see cable channels like NBC, ABC, ESPN, FOX, Disney, and many others with this streaming service. It’s a cable-free live TV where you have to pay a monthly fee amounting to $35 a month. The only difference with this service is that you can take the channels wherever and whenever you want to go.

Just like how PlayStation started off in the beginning, YouTube TV has also initially launched the mainstream local stations like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. in a few cities and then also expanded out into other regions.

YouTube TV

Owing credit to its stellar Cloud DVR, we can record our shows simultaneously so we can watch them later. You do not need to worry even if you have missed an episode of your favorite show because you can always watch it later with the YouTube TV streaming service. The good thing about its Cloud DVR is that its storage space never runs out and you can store as many recordings as you want. Additionally, this online TV streaming service promises unlimited storage for your recordings for up to a period of nine months. This, in fact, is a huge plus point as its other competitors only allow to store the shows for only 28 days.

There’s also one more reason why you should shift to YouTube TV as soon as possible. Unlike Sling TV which wants you to get their expensive package so more than one user can watch the TV at a time, YouTube TV streaming service lets six people in the family have access to the service and also allows up to three of them to tune into the service at the same time using the same account. This serves as a great package especially when you’re looking for replacing your cable and also have a big family.

Despite being a bit over-priced than its competitor, Sling TV, whose basic package costs $20 a month and less expensive than PlayStation Vue’s basic package costing $39 a month, YouTube TV is still a better option as its cost $35 a month. In fact, if you pay for your first month of this streaming service, you will get a brand-new Chromecast for absolutely free.

What Channels You Can Stream with YouTube TV

YouTube TV has already roped in a lot of channels and among them, we do know a couple of the big players. Mainstream channels like ABC, NBC, and FOX are already on-board. With YouTube TV, you’re surely not going to miss any NFL game including Super Bowl.

YouTube TV channels

The above picture shows what channels you can stream on YouTube TV. As per the picture, it can be seen that AMC has already signed on and you can get to enjoy Walking Dead on your Sundays.

How to Watch YouTube TV

YouTube TV is fairly new in the market but is already compatible with iOS and Android devices – phones and tablets, which means that you can get to stream your favorite content on YouTube TV app as well. Users can stream the videos on their Android, iPhone, and iPads. The same content can also be streamed on your television. Google Chromecast, Android TV, supported Samsung and smart TVs, Xbox One and Apple Airplay are all compatible with YouTube TV.

YouTube TV devices include all the Apple and Samsung Galaxy devices as they’re compatible. Apart from that, Google has also confirmed that it’s working on both a Roku app and an Android TV for YouTube TV.

The TV streaming service also works well on your laptop and desktop computer.

Why Switching to YouTube TV is Important?

YouTube TV is going to be a hit and we’re certain about it. There’s no reason why this TV streaming service wouldn’t work. While Sling TV and PlayStation Vue had to do a lot of hard work to get their customers on-board, YouTube TV doesn’t have to worry about it. In fact, YouTube TV does not have to carve out an audience for its product as it has already got one. For over one billion YouTube users living in 88 countries and speaking 76 different languages are already geared up to look forward to this new TV streaming service. Fortunately, YouTube has paved a way to success for its streaming service.

Speaking of its competitors, there’s no doubt that both DISH and Sony are large and successful corporations. However, they do lack one billion users that are unfortunately not streaming videos on their products but on YouTube.

YouTube TV for 6 users

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a TV streaming service is actually better than a cable service. With the latter option, you can record your shows and watch them whenever you want (thanks to its Cloud DVR feature) and also take them with you. Also, you do not have to form any sort of contract while signing up for this service and you can cancel it whenever you want without paying any termination fee. Above all, there is no need to rent a cable box or a router because the streaming service starts operating on whatever device you want to use it on. We would definitely recommend YouTube TV over basic cable as it comes without a cord, offering a Cloud DVR to record and store your shows for up to nine months, a plethora of apps for devices like Apple TV, Roku, and other game consoles and VOD (video-on-demand).


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