ZYNGA Gets 25% Traffic Boost From OMGPOP

As you all know, OMGPOP is a developer of multiplayer, mobile and social games. The company was started in 2006 with the name iminlikewithyou. It was a hub for people to meet each other to play interesting games. The company changed its name to OMGPOP and started it on omgpop.com. According to statistics, the company has generated a total of one billion game plays till now. Recently Zynga have had discussions with OMGPOP and now OMGPOP is acquired by Zynga after a long course of discussions and speculations. Anyway this resulted in a 25% increase in traffic for Zynga.

zynga buys omgpop - David Ko, chief mobile officer, Zynga & Dan Porter, CEO, OMGPOP

David Ko, chief mobile officer, Zynga & Dan Porter, CEO, OMGPOP

With this new acquisition, Zynga is taking a new shape in every aspects of the gaming field. As a result Zynga gets 25% traffic boost from OMGPOP itself. Evidently Zynga is slowly expanding its base and it is becoming a better big competitor for many other companies on the same field. Zynga is already having a total of 55 million players for its games and now with the acquisition of OMGPOP, it is increased by a whopping 14.6 million players in a short period of time. The app Draw Something is a game which has secured its place in the hit chart recently.  This is proved by Appdata’s tracking service. Appdata statistics says it has gone up from 1.7 M to 14.6 M, just in the month of March which nearly makes up the added size of Hole ‘em Pocker and CityVille, which are the two biggest hits that Zynga has ever produced.

Clearly enough, Zynga’s market share is expected to grow in a few months. Pocker was launched a few years back, and Cityville just by the end of the year 2010. The popularity of these games is increasing day by day, and it is likely that it will continue to expand in a similar fashion. But when the overall life cycle of these games are considered, there would not be a significant expansion in their user base in the future. Even though, it is expected that Zynga can increase these figures with the help of new traffic boost from OMGPOP website.

dan porter (left) CEO OMGPOP bought by zynga

Dan Porter , CEO OMGPOP

Draw Something app has been a new sensation since its launch two months back. This could keep growing till another big competitor pops out in the gaming arena. Even that is not an obstacle for Zynga’s expansion because the company has the analytics and marketing skills to keep the user base growing. It is to be noted that Zynga was able gain much traffic in an exponential rate though most of the newly gained traffic boost accounts to OMGPOP. Zynga’s second popular game is Words With Friends, which stands next to the topper, with a total number of 8.1 million actives.

The original user count is not revealed yet, but it can be assumed that it is not near the present user count because many users have duplicate accounts using which they play both of the Zynga games, Draw Something and Words With Friends. Even though, it is sure that they have a very large user base. However the total traffic and user count is lower than what is being published.

With the increase in the number of users and traffic, Zynga will be able to promote and market its other games in a similar fashion. As Zynga is not planning to launch any new games very soon, it is expected that they are going to extend the value of these two games further beyond the cycle. Yet OMGPOP is contributing a good  traffic increase to Zynga. Anyhow $210 M bet on OMGPOP has many risks too. OMGPOP has never been able to make a hit close to this big. Zynga hasn’t had a chance to see how long Draw Something can last around. So there is risk in the deal as Draw Something may have a shorter life span.

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