10 Important Things In Your Website Stats that Will Help You to Get More Traffic


Most of the time we get stuck with our site and find it difficult to increase our sites traffic. We do not inquire what is the cause of such a low traffic even though we have High quality posts. The reason behind this is mainly due to  bad Homework of your website as mostly we don’t find the reason why our blog is not becoming productive even after working over our posts for so long.  We Forget one of the most important criteria for gaining traffic due to our ignorance. Website Statistics is an important collection of information about your sites visitors , referrals ,etc . By using it in the right way you can easily improve your site’s traffic to a large extend.

So, In this post I will guide you Some of the important Things in your Website Stats report that will help you to get more Traffic if you work over it. Some of  the 10 tips are listed below :


1. Visits Duration

This Information is critical as it can can help you determine if person is permanent on your site or not and taking the time to read the content, or if the your visitors click on a page and leave almost immediately. By looking into these these information’s you can find where to improve the site and to find ways to get visitors to stay longer.


2. Bug Report

Find out if people are  having difficulty in accessing any of your pages and are getting any error codes. Using this information, you can easily correct errors quickly so that the people who visit your site do not leave your site.


3. Time

Your website statistics will tell you the time of day, where each visitor came to your site and see the individual pages. This can help you plan your conversations and / or webinars and can help you determine when to publish new content and / or special offers and sales.


4. Weekdays

This information will help a lot at the same time of day for statistical help.  Statistical research to determine when to bid, teleclasses, chats, contests, etc.


5. Unique Visitors

Analyzing you site’s Unique visitors count is also a better way for you to determine how many users visited your website.  Using this methodology you can find if your traffic increased or decreased over time. However , the unique visitors count does not apply for total Pageview’s rather it shows only a single visitor as a whole.  This will help you determine if you need to improve your search engine rankings and other methods to get traffic.


6. Location of visitors

Knowing where your visitors come from is important because you can do the research to reach a wider global target market. You can see where the highest percentage of people come and work to develop your base of visitors worldwide.


7. Pages

By looking into this section of website statistics we can determine which of your pages got more popular and which are less visited compared to other pages. By Analyzing this information to see why some pages are so well traveled and some are not used much you can easily increase your sites SEO by certain methods.

8.  Entry and Exit pages

Analyze this information to know how people come to your site and from which page they leave more. This can help you highlight your sales pitch on some more pages, and learn how to keep visitors from leaving the other sides. Put Business on the pages of popular destination. Spice up or add more interest to the pages from which people leave. The study of these pages to see what might make them leave, as opposed to exploring several sites.


9. phrases Search

The web site statistics will tell you exactly what search phrases / keywords people use to access your site. The study of this critical component can help to improve and refine your keywords and site content for better positioning in search engines.


10. Referels

Send to sites or pages from which visitors have found. Study to find out where the traffic originates and how you are getting. You can find out who is to join you, and which items you are bringing in more visitors. You can send these articles for popular websites.


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