4 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Blog SEO

Blogging is tough. When you first start into blogging, it seems really fun and cool. But then reality sets in and it starts to become work. If you’re blogging about what you love, then it’s still fun. But then you discover there are a bunch of other things you need to worry about, like web design, SEO, marketing, and more. And all you wanted to do was blog.

All that “extra” stuff you have to do to be a successful blogger can get you down, but you can condense some of your efforts by really jumping into social media. Implementing a good social media can help you build an audience, attract repeat visitors, and—perhaps, most importantly—build your SEO, so you can rank better in the search engine results pages.

But how can social media do that? Here are a few ways that social media can do all that and build your SEO at the same time.

1) Fast Indexing

Google and Bing now have access to many public social media feeds, like Facebook and Twitter. So they are able to spot links to your site on social media platforms fairly quickly. Usually, a page on your website might take days or weeks to get noticed by Google and subsequently indexed for search. But when links to your blog (or specific articles on your blog) are shared through social media (especially at a high volume) those pages are indexed much more quickly and can boost your SEO significantly.

2) Easy linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is one of the hardest and most time-consuming aspects of SEO for an individual blogger. But social media can speed up that process. When you share your posts through social media, you make it much easier for other people to share those links with their friends online. And remember that Google and other search engines are combing social media feeds now, so when others share links to your site, Google sees those links and counts them to your benefit. And you didn’t have to do any outreach at all, you just had to share a link on social media. And if you content is really good, it’s easy for your stuff to go viral on Twitter and Tumblr, giving you lost of links ad boosting your SEO.

3) Increased sharing

The increased sharing that results from a good social media strategy generates increased traffic. And increased traffic can boost your SEO in a number of ways. First of all, if more people are coming to your site, more people will be talking about and sharing links to your site. Second, increased traffic means increased search volume for your blog name, upping your SEO as well. Third, it means more people clicking links on your site and sticking around longer, boosting your pageviews and increasing your SEO.

4) Increased loyalty

If you can hit the sweet spot of social media sharing, and continue to churn out great content, your followers will get used to seeing your name and profile through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or what-have-you, and they’ll build a relationship with you. And that relationship builds loyalty. When your readers have high loyalty to your blog, they’re more likely to share it with their friends and post links on social media or on their own blogs, all of which will boost your SEO.

More Than Being Social

Social media is about more than just being social with your readers, it goes beyond simple sharing to benefit your SEO, helping boost your page rank, and getting you closer to the coveted #1 spot for your keywords.

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