5 Reasons PS4 Is Better Than Xbox One

Which current-gen console is better? This question has been asked on the web more often that we’d like to admit. There are fanboys shouting out their opinions and both parties are somewhat accurate. Admittedly, Xbox One has its advantages, but it is PS4 that has been leading the charge since its launch. There are some people who still haven’t made up their minds about which console to go for this generation and to those people we suggest PS4. The reasons for this are outlined below.

Larger Install-Base

According to the most recent report, more than 22 million PS4 consoles have been sold, which is a great feat for Sony. This is also great news for the players as they have a large community to play with. There are people with different tastes out there and even if your friends are not inclined to purchase a game, surely there would be other people who own a copy and would love to share their experience with you. It’s also a good news because most of the games nowadays have online features which are only fun if you are playing with people you know. This large install-base will help you befriend a lot of people whom you can play your favorite games with.


Although PS4 is short in terms of exclusive this fall, but just a couple of months ago, Sony and From Software gave us one of the best games of this generation in the shape of Bloodborne. It was the first-ever exclusive on current gen consoles that got this much popularity and attention from the gamers around the world. Early next year will be more of the same, as Sony will release Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, which is easily one of the biggest franchises on Sony’s consoles. A lot of people have already gotten their hands on PS4 and you can expect this number to increase by quite some margin when Uncharted 4 finally releases.

Better Controller

We have found PS4 controller to be a whole lot better than the Xbox One’s. PS4 controller finally gets a tweak in the shoulder buttons which give players more control over their usage. Then there’s a share button that can take pictures and record your sessions whenever you want. Touch pad is also a fresh new addition which helps in navigation. Finally, there’s an audio output on the controller where you can put your headphones. This means that you will not have to spend a lot of money on wires just so you can drag your headphones to your sitting location.

No Kinect

When Xbox One was first revealed along with Kinect, people complained that they really don’t need a machine for $100 which only includes the feature of launching and turning off the console. After Microsoft lagged behind in the sales, they finally realized there’s no need to force Kinect on people, hence removing it from the bundle altogether. Luckily for you, PS4 doesn’t have a useless peripheral in the bundle that will just gather dust lying around.

Multi-Plats Work Better On PS4

This is no hidden fact that developers like to make games for PS4. Hence you see better resolution on PS4 for most of the third-party games. The cycle has reversed this time around. It was Xbox 360 that was easier to develop for previously, and now PS4 has that advantage. Even in this early stage, PS4 is doing so well which means that things can only get better in the future. This year might not be as fruitful in terms of exclusives for PS4. But throughout the course of generation, you will find PS4 to be more effective just because more people own it.


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