8 Star Wars Technologies Have Been Brought to Life

If you watched the original Star Wars trilogy back in 70s and 80s, then you probably remember seeing some really fascinating technology that looked like it would remain bound to the realm of imagination forever. However, that was a long time ago, and since then science has come a long way. Many of the gadgets that Star Wars teased during your childhood are now a reality. Let’s take a look at some of those mouth-watering Star Wars tech and marvel at how quickly real-world sci-fi has caught up to the fictional one.

3D Chess

In the movies, C-3PO played 3D chess with Chewbacca, and at that time everyone was in awe and wouldn’t have believed if anyone told them that it would soon become possible to play such a game in real life. However, Sony changed that perception when it launched a PlayStation game called EyePet. This game allowed players to interact with animated characters, hence creating an illusion of augmented reality. The game looked at the players with an eye of the camera and then projected them in the game’s universe, where they were allowed to interact with the virtual objects and characters.


When we saw Princess Leia send a message to Obi Wan-Kenobi through a hologram, that made us want that tech right away. It might not have been possible back in the day, but believe it or not, it has become very much doable nowadays. First real holographic message was created by a professor at the University of Arizona, but since then, it has been used multiple times. The most memorable use of hologram has to be when Michael Jackson was brought back from the dead to perform at Billboard Music Awards in 2014. Hologram is now being used worldwide for different purposes and who knows, we might get to send a holographic message through our smartphones in the near future.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

The planes and other gadgets in the movies featured Heads Up Display (HUD) that made things rather easier to understand. This tech was available before, but now it has become way more advanced as it is being used in almost all aircrafts. The HUD helps the pilot navigate and attack without much of an issue. That’s not all though as now major names like BMW and General Motors have also incorporated HUDs in their cars. BMW 7-Series allows you to see your speed and navigation on the HUD, which is quite useful. GM is looking to go big with its vehicles as it has revealed its plans to surpass BMW and add speed, navigation, and lot of other stuff to the HUD as well.

Bionic Hands

Luke Skywalker gets his hand cut off, so a new hand is crafted for him. This technology is also available in the modern day and has been used all over the world. A company that goes by the name Touch Bionics has created an ‘i-LIMB Pu’ bionic hand that works by reading myo-electric signals. These signals are emitted by pulses in the arms and they allow bionic hand to react exactly like a normal hand would. This bionic hand can be used with the computers, as well as with Bluetooth. By connecting to either, users are able to adjust the sensitivity and algorithms of the hand so that they can tweak them in any way they feel comfortable.

Magnetic Levitation

The Galactic Empire used armored hover train to transport prisoners and cargo, and now China is looking to adopt this technology as it has started construction on a commercial train. This train will be the first of its kind to use magnetic levitation. China plans to run this train between Shanghai’s new financial district and its new airport. This magnetic levitation train is expected to go at the speed of 250mph, which is unbelievably fast. This project has a lot of potential and could very well bring a new era of transportation to the world.


Everyone who watched Star Wars became huge fans of R2-D2 and C-3PO, and wanted a companion like them. At that time, the technology wasn’t too advanced, so it was just a fantasy. However, in the modern day, robots are created in almost every major country. Most recently, Honda created an ASIMO humanoid robot that had the ability to recognize faces, sounds, moving objects, and so much more. Another company created a robot called FRIEND that had the ability to help people in case of a stroke or if they were paralyzed. These are just two examples. There have been multiple other creations that we haven’t mentioned here.


Hovercrafts were one of the best gadgets in the Star Wars universe and all the scenes filmed on them were equally great. This technology has also been brought to life as the company called Moller International has managed to create a flying car which they call M200G. This sweet ride can hover 10 feet off the ground and go up to 50 mph. M200G is said to be a recreational device, which means that anyone who wants to get their hands on it can do so. However, they will have to pay a hefty sum for it. Starting at $90,000, the price of M200 goes up to $125,000.

Battle Droids

Battle Droids played a crucial role in wars in the Star Wars universe. Their numbers could be increased whenever required, and using them was a cinch. They simply needed to be ordered, and when that was given, they’d do it. It couldn’t get any simpler than that. Now the military has taken some cues from Star Wars and are creating their own Battle Droids. These droids have been named Big Dogs and are remotely controlled robots that could be used in the wars. This robot dog is huge in size and carries a vast array of weapons that will give the enemy a run for their money. To make the situation even direr for the enemy, this robot dog is given four legs, laser guided sensors, and a state of the art shock system. As of now, these robots run on gasoline, but its manufacturers are looking to change that in the future as they plan on introducing solar shields that will keep it running with the help of sunlight. Although most recent updates on Battle Droids indicate that the project has been shelved, it’s hard to believe that, especially with the amount of investment in the project and the involvement of Google, which is kind of obsessed with making the impossible possible.

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