8 Technologies That Will Make 2016 A Year to Remember

Looking back, it’s clear that 2015 was a pretty good year in terms of technological advancements as a new medicine for treating brain tumor was synthesized, Space X successfully landed a rocket back on Earth, a new antibiotic got discovered, and a whole lot more happened. However, we seem to have only scratched the surface, as there is still a lot to discover and invent in this world. Some new techs will surely be brought to light this year, but following are some of the technological advancements that we can expect to truly shine in 2016.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for quite some time now, but it still hasn’t reached the pinnacle that everyone expected. The reason it didn’t turn out to be a huge success was because AI was always restricted to sci-fi fans, screenwriters, and scientists. Nothing can really become a norm unless general public get their hands on it, and that is exactly what’s going to happen in 2016. We already have Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana in our lives, but they merely manage our smartphones or perform limited online tasks. The general public is now craving for an AI like Jarvis from Iron Man. It should be capable of doing some of the minor household tasks like switching lights on and off, changing temperature, turning music on and off, etc. This hasn’t been made possible just yet, but this year could be a lot different. Engineers are working to create household AI, and we may see some groundbreaking discovery by the end of 2016.


Just like AI, robots have been around for a long while, but they haven’t been utilized as well as we have come to expect from watching movies and playing video games. Although expecting robots to take over the world is too early at this point, but there are still a lot of ways they can be used to make a more significant impact in our everyday lives. Robots have been used in corporations to work on mundane and simple tasks, but now we want something more complex. A robot capable of doing a few basic household or office chores would certainly be a huge help, and from what we’ve seen, it is very doable. Multiple robots have been created and they are capable of accomplishing multiple tasks, but none of them lasted really long and had some issues. However, that may change in 2016. Robotics industry has a lot of potential and this might be the year where we get to see a more helpful AI companion.

Virtual Reality

Some VR devices did get released in the previous years, but they didn’t manage to garner as much attention as their creators would have liked. However, this year is completely different as two tech giants are working on two separate VR gadgets. On one hand, we have Facebook, which is working on Oculus Rift, and on the other hand we have Sony working on PlayStation VR. Both these machines carry almost the same features and are capable of delivering similar results, including interactive gaming experience. The anticipation for these gadgets is through the roof as people can’t wait to get their hands on them. A good chunk of titles will be available on both platforms at launch, but at the moment, it looks like that Facebook’s Oculus Rift will draw first blood as it is scheduled to come out on March 28. Sony hasn’t provided details on PlayStation VR release date, but they have said that it will come out in 2016.

Biometric Security

Fingerprint security on smartphones has started to become a norm as some Android and new iPhones have implemented them into their design. All of these are great, but Microsoft takes the cake in this category with its incredible facial recognition feature for Windows 10 called Hello. There are a few ways to counter fingerprint security, but as far as facial recognition is concerned, it’s pretty secure. Microsoft got a lot of praise for introducing this feature, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it making headlines this year in other gadgets as well. It’s a good security tech and can be utilized in a lot of different industries. We are expecting Biometric security to be a big thing in 2016.


Drones have proven to be quite helpful. They have a lot of advantages first one being that they don’t require a human pilot. They can be operated remotely, which gives a huge advantage to the users. USA has been using drone strikes to attack different terrorist hideouts. It is pretty easy to send it in the areas where human-life could be at risk. Drones have been serving well in the military space, but now different industries are trying to utilize them to their advantage. Multiple news channels are reporting stories through them, and the popular store Amazon has started to deliver goods with drones. These steps have set the tone for 2016 and we will surely be looking at some new applications for drones really soon.

Self-Driving Cars

This is a project that has been worked on for quite some time, and 2016 might be the year where we will finally get to see self-driving cars made available to public. The concept behind them is pretty good, but their implementation is quite complex. This is why creators, including Google, are taking such a long time to bring these cars to the roads. Here’s hoping against hope that we will finally get to see self-driving cars by the end of 2016.

Mobile Payments

Both Apple and Samsung have introduced Apple Pay and Samsung Pay respectively. Both of these services have been introduced keeping in mind the users’ comfort. With its assistance, users are able to make payments through their devices sitting at home, which of course is a huge help. Now that this service has become a huge hit amongst the users, other major brands are looking to adapt it as well. Soon this system would be found on every phone and users will be able to use this digital wallet to make almost all of their payments. We expect that soon to arrive this year.

Global Internet Connection

Facebook, Google, and some other tech giants have joined forces to come up with decent internet connection for the people all over the world. Most third-world countries don’t have good internet speeds, but even then the service providers charge them a lot of money. The purpose behind the partnership between top tech giants is to bring more than 1Mbps internet to every single nation around the world at cheap rates so that everyone can access it without much of an issue. This project has just been started so it’s a long way to go, but we will see some fruits of it in the ongoing year.

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