Adobe Release Adobe Post Graphic Designing App

Adobe Introduces Adobe Post, A Graphic Designing App for Everyone

You can now take an ordinary image and make it extraordinary with the help of Adobe’s latest offering.

Adobe has been creating a bunch of apps like Adobe Slate and Adobe Voice to encourage mobile creativity. Now the company has added one more product to the list, a graphic designing app named Adobe Post.

Most of the offerings from Adobe are usually for the professionals, but that’s not the case with Adobe Post. A regular user will be able utilize this app to turn their photos and text into “beautifully designed graphics.”

Adobe Post comes with a friendly user-interface which provides users with all the options upfront. They can use it to create blog post graphics, banners, pamphlets, ads, and much more.

It’s basically an editing tool with a ton of options. The users can create a simple edited image or they can use their creativity to come up with something more complex. Once the users have created something via Adobe Post, they will be able to save it and then reuse or re-edit it in the future. All of the creations via this app are allowed to be shared with public through social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can get your hands on Adobe Post for free on the App Store.


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