Afforadble Amazon Tablet Coming Soon

Amazon Expected to Release $50 Tablet for Holiday Shopping Season

The tablet comes with a 6-inch screen, and costs lesser than the cheapest Amazon Kindle.

Lately, Amazon has been facing serious issues in selling its high-end electronics, which is why it is reportedly making a tablet for the upcoming holidays that just costs $50. According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has specifically chosen the cheap tablet market to generate revenues and attract its customers, who are specially looking for a cheap device to perform basic functions like streaming videos, shopping online, etc.

The tablet has a 6-inch screen just like its current Fire HD tablet, but costs half the money and is even cheaper than its Kindle reader, which starts at $79.

Creating a tablet at such a low price was a challenging task, which is why the Seattle online retailer outsourced most of the development activities to Compal Communications Inc. from Taiwan and Huaqin Telecom Technology Co from Shanghai, while some work was also done at its in-house Lab126 unit, claims The Wall Street Journal. Compal has been linked to big companies like Apple and Hewlett-Packard in the past.

WSJ further revealed that the internet retail giant will also release an 8-inch and 10-inche tablet later this year.

Amazon has yet to comment on it.


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