America versus Russia: Who Has Better Technology to Prevail in War

USA and Russia have been at each other’s throat since forever. The desire to outdo each other in every possible field has led to a lot of problems as well as progress in both the countries. As much as they like to compete with each other on all platforms, they really want to beat the other in terms of advanced arsenal. Whenever one of them tries to come up with something big, the other nation manages to counter it with its own technology. This competition between the two countries has been going on for quite some time, and if the two ever confront each other in the battlefield, then they would find themselves relying on an almost some really advanced technologies. However, neither of the countries manage to gain a clear edge over the other. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that both of these nations could use in a war.


Going into combat with a robot is not restricted to Star Wars anymore as it has been done by armies all over the world. There are tank-like robots called TALONs that helped USA track and defuse bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other than that, these robots were used to conduct recon and breach buildings. Both of these scenarios can prove to be quite lethal for the people involved, but with robots at their side, they can do all of this without losing a single human life. That’s not all though. USA has been researching in this area to come up with even more ways to utilize robots. They are currently working on a 5-pound throwable recon robots, and a 370-punt tracked vehicle which will be able to carry machine guns and rocket launchers.

As USA has progressed, Russia has also tried its best to stay equal to them. It has come up with its own lineup of robots that are capable of clearing minefields, fight fires, and shoot anti-tank missiles. All of these functions are huge, especially for the army as it can now rely on a single robot to take out most of the enemy firepower. Fighting fires is not an easy job, but with the help of a robot, it gets much simpler and chances of saving more lives become increase. Russia is not looking to stop here as one of the members of Russian Defense Ministry stated that by 2025, one-third of their nation’s army will consist of robots.


Tanks can play a vital role in deciding the fate of war, but America is not paying too much attention to them. It is still working on M1A1 Abrams to make them workable in the modern day. The latest upgrades in these tanks include thermal sights, display panels, and remotely operated guns. However, there aren’t any new innovations when it comes to tanks.

Russia, on the other hand, has been pretty vigilant in this matter. It always had an edge when it came to armor, and that hasn’t changed in the modern day. They have created T-14 Armata, which is an absolute beast and described as “20 years ahead of the West”. It’s awesome to look at and it functions equally well. It has been reported that these tanks will get a new 152mm main gun, which would certainly make it hard to take down. Russians are quite proud of their WW2 tanks and they are keeping the tradition of great tanks alive with the new ones.

Rocket Artillery

Warheads are available in abundance in both USA and Russia, and neither of them is afraid to admit it. However, nuclear battles aren’t what we are discussing here – our focus is on the rockets. Both nations have pretty sublime rocket launchers, UAVs, and mobile rocket launchers. Although the idea behind these launchers is the same, their systems are designed with different ethos. USA has the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). It has the ability to carry six 227mm rockets which, when fired, can level the area with deadly submunitions. The accuracy of HIMARS is amazing as it utilizes the long-range army tactical missile system (ATACMS). This vehicle also possesses the ability to carry a warhead, which of course is something every nation would want.

Instead of focusing on accuracy, Russians have put all of their effort on volume. They have their own Multiple Launch Rocket System trucks that contain a ton of rocket tubes. One of the vehicles utilizing this technology is named BM-21 Grad. It is a six-wheeled truck that includes forty launch tubes that have the ability to fire in a matter of seconds. HIMARS takes 6 seconds to fire a more accurate shot, but in that time, this Russian vehicle can fire almost all forty of its rockets.

One of the deadliest long range missiles in Russia’s arsenal is called Iskander-M. NATO calls it the SS-26 Stone and is quite concerned about it. This missile has the ability to destroy multiple NATO bases, airfields, and troop concentrations. This missile can be shot 250 miles, as it delivers an 880-pound warhead. Unlike most missiles, this one can be readied for deployment in just 20 minutes and drop off the nuclear warhead within a radius of 15-feet of the actual target. So the chances of a miss are very low.

Traditional Artillery

There’s no denying the need for ground soldiers, but it is the artillery that has dominated the war since it was invented. Mobility is required on the battlefield because the soldiers cannot move the M777 on their own. This is where a vehicle like MV-22 Osprey can come in handy as it enables Marine Corps to place the M777 wherever they want. USA has been involved in the wars for a very long time, which is why they have a large arsenal of traditional artillery.

Russia also has its fair share of traditional artillery, but it’s nowhere as advanced as USA’s. However, this doesn’t mean that they are going to leave it like this. They are planning to give their artillery a makeover. At the moment, Russia has its own self-propelled guns called 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV. This gun’s 155mm round has the ability to hone in on the target through a laser. Another advantage of this gun is that it allows soldiers to choose different rounds, while its robotic system automatically loads the selected round.

All in all, both of these nations boast incredible firepower and if a war ensues between them, then there would be no hope left for anyone’s survival. So let’s hope that it doesn’t happen and both countries resolve their problems through diplomacy.

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