Demand for Apple Watch higher than Supply

Apple is Trying Hard to Fulfill Apple Watch Demand

Only 22% pre-orders have been delivered until now, sources claim.  

Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted that the demand for company’s wearable tech has succeeded the supply, which is why customers are facing delays in shipping.

“Right now, demand is greater than supply, so we’re working hard to remedy that,” said Cook this Monday.

Some people were fortunate enough to have received Apple Watch before the expected delivery date. According to Cook, this was made possible because, “We were able to ship more watches during this past weekend than we had anticipated,”

Apparently, the delay in shipping is not due to the Apple Watch itself, but due to the watch band as different people selected different bands.

It seems that the Cupertino, a California-based company, hadn’t expected such a warm feedback from its customers worldwide.

Buying the Apple Watch has not been a smooth experience for most of the people due to delayed shipping. Majority of the customers were confused about where and how to get their hand on the coveted smartwatch as it is still not available in Apple Stores.

Apple has not yet revealed its sale figures despite great demand from market experts, but according to rough estimates, the company received pre-orders for roughly 1.7 million units.


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