Sony CEO confirms Apple's New Music Streaming Service

Apple’s New Music Streaming Service Revealed a Day Ahead of Schedule

New music streaming service is indeed in works and will officially be unveiled during WWDC today.

It was reported last week that Apple will be revealing its new music streaming service at WWDC, which is scheduled to take play today. However, Sony Music’s CEO Doug Morris jumped the gun by confirming a day earlier that Apple indeed has plans for a new streaming service.

Morris made the confirmation statement yesterday at Midem, a music industry conference that took place in Cannes. In response to a question which asked whether Apple is working on a new music streaming service or not, Morris stated “it’s happening tomorrow.”

Rumors regarding this new service from Apple have been lurking about for quite some now, but it was never confirmed by anyone officially, until yesterday.

This new music streaming service will serve as an expansion of iTunes Radio service and will cost users a $10 monthly fee. After subscribing, the users will be able to enjoy on-demand music without any ads.

The rumors claim that Apple’s new music streaming service will make its way to the users through an upcoming iOS update. However, no particular release date has been given thus far.

Android phone users will also be able to benefit from this service as its standalone app will be released on Google Play Store.

Now that the service is confirmed to be in development, it’s safe to look forward to its reveal which is set to happen today at WWDC.


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